Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Socialization of Pepper Blocher

Pepper tries to figure out my strange demands.

Tonight I'm primarily posting Pepper pictures, pursuant to Feline and Furball Friday. Today after work I took a stab at teaching her to come when called and to sit on command. With a few hints from Tuffy (no, really!) she didn't do that badly.

That's right: sit!

Trying to make her sit by gently pushing at her rump didn't work. She just ran away. But when she saw Tuffy sit and then get a dog biscuit, she followed her rival's example. The third time, she did it without a demonstration.

Of course, to reward Tuffy's behavior and preserve detente between the two dogs, I had to reward Tuffy too, with more dog biscuits than she actually wanted. y from John's new garden. I'm convinced Tuffy still sees that spot as the place to bury treats, and Pepper considers it a great place to dig them up - but only if she doesn't get caught.

Pepper is still spending most of her time on the couch, though, when she isn't checking up on me as I move from room to room. Se doesn't actually like to be crowded or surrounded or kissed; she just wants to be in a vicinity. I'm sure eventually she will welcome the attention and show us actual affection, but she's not there yet.

Tomorrow: a surprise. Probably.


Bea said...

I'm a believer in dog biscuits. My Max always loved getting his treat as soon as he walked in the door after being outside. It's how I trained them to come home, or perhaps it's how I thought I had trained them. Misty still comes home when she is ready. Max had me figured out, and he'd go outside, wait for a few minutes, then come back in. Then stand there wagging his short tail, looking up at me, waiting for his reward! Boy, I miss that dog. He made me laugh every day. Your Pepper is a smart dog, watching and learning from Tuffy. Loved the pictures... especially the new look, the soft edges, the little cloud words in those last two. Is that new software? bea

Martha said...

So cute and sweet, love the photos!