Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Variety of Pens. And Bags.

I'd like to reply personally to everybody but I just haven't enough pens.
- John Lennon, The Beatles Christmas Record, 1963

It's Round Robin time again, and the topic is "Variety Show", as suggested by Nancy of Nancy Luvs Pix. The idea is to photograph "something that comes in different varieties." I didn't know what I was going to do for this one until about Thursday at work, when I suddenly realized that these oft-used tools fit the criteria:

Pens akimbo

That's a little boring, though. Let's rearrange them:

Latticework of pens

Hmm. Perhaps I should clean them up:

Pens on a tray.

Still not terribly interesting. Time to break out the photo editing effects!

"Light marker" and magic mirror" effects, x2

There's also a "dark marker" effect. Seems appropriate!

Dark markered highlighters! Kind of an oxymoron!

Oh, one more. Pointillism, solarization and negative.

Thursday in the office with pens.

And if that's not enough, I can show you these as well: assorted gift bags in a variety of patterns and colors, purchased for 50 cents each from a dollar store that's going out of business. They're rather pretty in their natural colors, which I've boosted just a little below:

Gift bags for all occasions

Aw, what the heck. Let's throw some effects over these, too!

Dark marker and solarized, I think!

Oh, that'll do. They're only pens and bags, after all, not High Art! But I've had fun getting artistic with them.


Now go see what a variety of photos the other Robins are posting this weekend!

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TJ said...

Very clever, the edits of pens! I like Pointillism, solarization and negative. Now that is how they get that look! Thanks for sharing..TJ

charish said...

You had fun with the pens. That cool. I like all the effects.

Robinella said...

I like the bags that have been edited. Looks like you had fun with this.

martha said...

I think you were having a little too much fun with this!

I just remembered I haven't done your Monday Photo shoot yet! ::going to grab the camera::

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Would I have liked to had a camera shooting you shooting all those. I will never look at pens and office stuff again, with the same attitude.
Good job!

Sandcastle Momma said...

What awesome creativity you have! You turned something simple and mundane into very interesting art. Great photos!

Jennifer Robin said...

Pointillism, solarization and negative turned out pretty cool!

Jan said...

Love your photos and the special effects give a lot of variety to mundane items.

Suzanne R said...

Wow, your creativity never ceases to amaze me! So many things you did with pens and bags. I was going to ask you if you were bored that day at work, as the pen thing looks a lot like playing. ;-) Great effects and ways to show variety!!

MariesImages said...

Nice variety of the colors & the different effects you used, Karen!

Family Affair Photography said...

What an opportunity many of missed with the variety of pens at our desk! I like how you had fun with this!


Carly said...

Very colorful. :) The metalic bags are really neat, I like that deep vivid blue, but the gold is nice too. Hmmmm.

Kiva said...

You know my obsession with office supplies. Those pen special effects are just marvy. And the colors of those bags take my breath away.

Nancy said...

Very creative karen! Who woulda thunk writing utensils could be so pretty!


Jama said...

creative idea!
I love the gift bags, don't mind keeping them for myself.

Jama Hameed

Gattina said...

Very creative !! You show that even with "stupid" things you can make artistic pictures !!

MyMaracas said...

Wow, these are really cool! I love the special effects ones. You've turned the ordinary into the wonderful, just like magic. Nice!

Janet said...

You know, I think I liked the ones in the tray best! Simple, but very colorful :-)

Janet said...

You know, I think I liked the ones in the tray best! Simple, but very colorful :-)