Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Last Magic Carpet Ride; Tuffy's Equal Time

I have several topics in mind tonight, but no time to cover them all, after a day of Round Robin, obsessively watching the brand new Doctor Who episode 3 1/2 times (the last time with commentary), dishes, photo editing and visiting a friend in the psych ward of an infamous local hospital. More on that last bit another time; for tonight I'll settle for a quick follow-up to last night's Round Robin entry.

Easter Island Man has a pet bull. Or maybe it's an ox.

Another refugee from a different part of the world, the Sphinx has
a hole in his side. And it's not from someone tunneling for treasure.

Nearby, a Buddha must be sought in a more natural setting.

A decrepit snake hangs around.

Mr. Monkey is a mess.

Know where we are yet? It might or might not help if I tell you the snake hangs out near an alligator, an octopus, a five foot red ant and a 20-foot stalk of three foot flowers.

The entrance: blocked, closed, and locked. No trespassing.

So were are we? Here:

This is one of those quirky, local miniature golf courses that once were found all over the country. Built in 1969-1970, it closed a month or two ago. There is going to be a car dealership there soon.

And no, I didn't trespass to take these photos. I walked around the three-sided parking lot just outside the perimeter fence, and shot everything as best I could. In theory there are 36 holes here, so I'm sure there are many statues that I didn't see at all.

The banner that says "ONE LAST ROUND" explains that there will be one last opening of the place later this month to benefit Valley of the Moon, another bizarre, whimsical, crumbling relic of Tucson's past. I've got to get down there one of these days. It's sort of like Chattanooga's Rock City, from what I've read. They're going to take some of Magic Carpet's statues, but not all of them. A former employee of John's at Cornerstone, Doug Finical, is going to take our Easter Island man, which he and the newspaper article I saw call a Tiki head. Fair enough. It's going to be outside Fini's bar on Fourth Avenue, Tucson's student, arts and counterculture district. Good for him!

They're still looking for homes for some of Magic Carpet's statues. John? How do you feel about a 20 foot tall monkey in the back yard? Or giant flowers? How about a snake?

More on Magic Carpet Golf:

The Yuckiest Little Golf Course in the West (not as negative as it sounds)

Magic Carpet Golf's tiki head finds a home on Fourth Avenue

History of Magic Carpet Golf, with photo gallery


I said I had photos of Tuffy to offset last night's Pepper picture. Here are two of them, a day late for Steven's Feline and Furball Friday. But look! I captioned them!

Enough. Must sleep now. Good night!



Martha said...

Oh please pretty please can I have the big giant monkey? I would love to put him in my front yard! Seriously, LOL!

Janet said...

I'll take the Buddha! It's a shame...I'd rather see the miniature golf thingie, however decrepit than a car dealership!

Anonymous said...

What great furball photos. And perfect cations!

Becky said...

What a shame...I hate to see kitchy places like this leveled to make parking lots or other urban sprawl. It's just criminal.

Kiva said...

I'm glad someone is taking the Easter Island man (or tiki). If not, I would have had to put in a bid. I love those kitchy golf courses. There's one in St. Louis next to a real golf course. I guess I better take pictures of it before it goes the way of the Magic Carpet. Tuffy is looking good!