Saturday, October 07, 2006

Who IS this guy?

I've mentioned a couple of times recently that my time-traveling former house guest, Black Rose Katie Specks, the Pirate Scribe, has been on my mind lately. I've been half expecting her to turn up this fall, but so far she has not. Strangely, however, I saw a number of people today who looked suspiciously like pirates. Here are two of them. Do you suppose they're looking for Kate as well?

These rascals were posing as musicians, but I think it's clear what their true profession is - especially considering the fact that they performed a ditty called Yo Ho! twice in twenty minutes.

And this fellow seemed to turn up everywhere I went today. At different times I saw him hiding, peeking at a map, relaxing and singing, and even indoctrinating this little fellow to follow his piratical ways.

Apparently the man is a connoiseur of hats as well. We were never introduced, but I think I heard his name mentioned, many times over.

Yup. That's him. With Captain Jack Sparrow and other pirates hanging about, can Black Rose Kate be far behind?

By the way, in case anyone suspects I might be away from my house this weekend, I shan't deny it. However, in the words of the Doctor - "It is defended" - in this case by a large man and a loud dog. And possibly for all I know, by a literate lady pirate. Meanwhile, I'm getting offline. It's late, and my wireless mouse is more or less broken, and I'm stuck using IE tonight instead of Firefox, all of which makes blogging kind of difficult and relatively unpleasant. Good night - and hang onto your valuables! There be pirates about!


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Barbara said...

love the pictures. It does make you wonder how long it could be before kate shows up again. I hope you have a great weekend.

DesLily said...

... if you have Jack Sparrow at your place ... i'll be right over!

Carly said...

Cap'n'Jack? Cool! And Yummy too!