Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Minor Exhibits at the Museum of the Weird

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Someone in your house you probably have one (or more) bobble-head figurines. Immortalize them in photo. For this, any bobbly toy will do -- bobbly hula girls, toy animals with bobbly tails, it's all good. They just have to be bobbly somewhere along the line.

I wanted to show you our collection of 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks bobbleheads, but they're in a box somewhere. The best I can do on that front is show you this picture from a couple of years ago. Third shelf down on the left, you can just about make out a boxless Gonzo (Luis Gonzales, who just played his last game for he Diamondbacks) in front of some red and white boxes. Those boxes contain boxes of Gonzo, Schilling, Randy Johnson, Craig Counsell and others - even manager Bob Brenly.

But okay, let's try to do better with a new photo or three or four. Here are some shelves on John's side of the bed. Can you tell which of these exhibits in our personal Museum of the Weird is a bobblehead? Do you know exactly what it's supposed to be?

On the right: P-Chan from Ranma 1/2. Not a bobblehead. Neither is the vintage, politically incorrect china figurine in the middle. There it is on the left: Rat Fink! Rat Fink was a character from the 1950s and 1960s, associated with flamboyant hot rod car customizer Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Frankly, that's about all I know on the subject. This is on John's side of the room, after all!

One more bobblehead. This is a Happy Meal toy of Stitch in his Elvis outfit. Lilo is in my cubicle at work.

Here's Stitch in his usual habitat among some other M.o.W. exhibits: Liddle Kiddles and Kiddle Kolognes, DAM trolls and Wishniks, Remco's Heidi, Jan and Spunky "pocketbook dolls," Britain's Ltd. Knight and Turk figures, a china poodle from the 1960s, and a china dragon bank (called Dino for obvious reasons) that I've had since seventh grade.

Enough. I had less than five hours of sleep last night, and less than three hours the night before. Good night!


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Donna said...

In a box somewhere??? Thank God it's not just me! http://journals.aol.com/mosie1944/MYCOUNTRYLIFE/entries/2006/10/03/monday-photo-shoot-bobble-heads/1849

tess said...

You left my mind a bobble!

DesLily said...

you bobble the mind lady!.. does that count?

The ParkHopper said...

wow... you got the Elvis Stitch? I'm so jealous! I only ever got Lilo's sister and the big alien dude. Of course, that was two moves ago, and I'm pretty sure they didn't make the trip.

Dwana said...

I own alot of stuff..major stuff, but no bobble~heads..not a one. I loved yours. Take care,

Julie said...

Love your Rat Fink. My husband has a signed rat fink which is amoung his favorite things, go figure!


Becky said...

Hey! I've got that Stich bobble on my desk! LOL! I have a Tinkerbell and a Goofy too. And a Hello Kitty Toaster (with simulated toast that is really a note pad). ;-)