Monday, October 16, 2006

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights?

A "sacred dance" to Amazing Grace

Listen, I don't have a lot to say tonight. (So why am I asking you to listen?) I took 57 photos this morning of Episcopal School Sunday, but I doubt you'll be much interested in that. This afternoon I read my L'Engle book, and then took a nap for three hours because I really needed it. Tonight, rather than play catch-up on my blog jogging, I entered a bunch of information from the book I'm reading, A House Like a Lotus, into various L'Engle entries on Wikipedia.

Oh! I also posted the second entry of Lore Goes to Mâvarin over on my fiction blog, Messages from Mâvarin. Hours lated I discovered that I had missed adding paragraph breaks in a few places, and messed up a paragraph about luggage. One moment the luggage needed to be retrieved from somewhere, and the next moment someone was picking up a trunk without first going to get it. One of the trunk lifters simultanously walked away to talk to someone, due to my losing track of who was who. It's all fixed now.

Is this what I "should" have done today? I kind of think so. As badly as I feel about being so far behind on reading everyone's blogs and journals, the sleep was absolutely vital, and I needed some down time to read as well. I haven't done nearly enough novel reading in recent years, because of school and blogging and so on. And reading this particular book is helping me to clear up some incorrect or missing information in the L'Engle entries. For example, someone listed the character Dennys Murry as having the actual first name Dionysus, as in the god of wine. I didn't want to change this until I found the source of the claim, and could determine whether it's correct. It isn't, in my opinion. The only reference to Dionysus in connection with Meg's brother, Polly's uncle, is when Polly says in the narrative that "The name Dennys comes from Dionysus, but my uncle Dennys is both sober and reserved." I take that to mean that that's the derivation of the name, just as Karen is derived from Katherine. It doesn't make the character's real name Dionysus, any more than my real name is Katherine.

I know you probably don't care about that, but I do. It's part of my semi-scholarly interest in L'Engle's work, which in turn is part of my raison d'être, my drive to synthesize and disseminate information.

So anyway, that's what I did today. But I will catch up on the blog reading. Really.

Meanwhile, I should mention that the next Round Robin Photo Challenge is coming up this Wednesday. Courtesy of Julie B., the topic is "Very Scary." Oooh! As always, you're invited to join in. Check the Round Robin blog for details.

I have no news on Eva today, save to say that her daughter Harriet was not in church this morning. I take that to mean that Eva's family probably was with her at the hospital today, and didn't let her ride out her illness at home. I'm just guessing, though. I need to get Harriet's phone number so that I can stay informed at times like this.


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Bea said...

Glad you got some sleep, Karen. I'm not quite midway through A Wrinkle in Time, and you are right, it is a great story. You are wrong, though, about not wanting to hear more about the sacred dance and the pictures you took at church. Our church has never held any kind of liturgical dancing, although I have suggested as something I would like to see. Whether our youth get into it, or we bring someone in, I find dancing a wonderful way to praise God. I'm neither graceful of limb nor young and attractive, so I'm not talking about my own sacred dance, but in my mind, I have choreographed liturgical dances to several of my favorite songs of praise and worship. Just that right now, no one is listening! If I were younger, knowing what I know now, I'd be doing the joyful dance in church on Sundays. Instead, I sing like everyone else. But I'm a great mental choreographer!! Bea