Monday, October 30, 2006

Wanted: 40-Hour Days

Good grief! This day went by far too quickly. I got up, tried again, unsuccessfully, to get my Saturday night entry to post, went to church and coffee hour, dropped off Eva and Kevin, came home and finally got the entry published. That took me to 1:30 PM. Next I drove across town to pick up a friend for lunch, but she flaked on me, so I returned to this part of town and treated myself to a soup and salad special at Applebees. Got home at 3:30 PM, spent about half an hour online, and went to bed. I had to, because last night I tried to go to bed five times from 4:30 AM on, and ended up with less than three and a half hours of sleep.

So I napped from a little after 4 PM to about 8:20, and then rushed off to the gym for another session on the treadmill before L.A. Fitness closed at 9 PM. I just barely got it done by closing time, right to the minute. This time I set the Weight Management - training mode for 26 minutes instead of last night's 25. It was less pleasant than last night, possibly because I didn't grab my iPod, and at one point my heart rate jackrabbited to the high 160s or more, faster than the program could compensate. But the machine credited me with 226 calories instead of last night's 198 or whatever it was, so I'm very pleased. It left me puffing like a steam locomotive, though, and I had to reassure the security guard in the parking lot afterward that I was all right.

I got home and watched a tv show on John's computer, came in here, read some AOL Alerts and blog entries, tried to look something up in the Wikipedia article on Back to the Future and ended up working on that article a little bit. Then I started this entry. And here I am - 1:30 AM, still exhausted, dirty clothes in the other room and dishes in the sink, weekend over.

I need my own personal flux capacitor, or a TARDIS, or a time-slowing watch, or maybe an agreement from the Earth and the Sun that henceforth each day will be 32 hours long. I could do it all in 32 hours. I could sleep for a full eight hours and still have a full 24 hours a day to write in my blog and on Wikipedia and work on my novels, to clean the house, work out at the gym and and catch up my email.

Hmm. Better make that a 40-hour day. 48 on weekdays.


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DesLily said...

well it sounds like you are firmly committed and that can only be good.

DesLily said...

heard from Scott already and Ian was NOT in back to the future.