Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dead Tired

This afternoon I struggled to stay awake as I worked on an urgent project at the office. So you might expect that when 5 o'clock came, I was ready to go home and start the weekend. Nope. First of all, since I don't come in until nine (pretty much everyone else comes in at eight), I normally work until six. Second, when I finished that project, I had another one that was equally urgent -and had to be finished tonight.

Third, I noticed when I got back from lunch today that my right rear tire was well on its way to being flat. I needed to get to Sears and fix or replace it. So a little after six, I grabbed what I was working on and headed out to the mall. The tire had a nail in it, so they thought they could repair it. Great! So I sat in the mall, ate teriyaki and worked. When I got back to Sears, the car was still on the rack. The nail wasn't the only problem with the tire. It had to be replaced after all. So I sat and worked some more. It was getting on toward 8 PM when I finally left the mall and headed out - back to the office.

I actually do like working at night when everyone else is gone. For one thing, I can play Revolver and A Hard Day's Night as loudly as I want (which is only moderately loud) on my office computer's rather iffy CD drive. There are no interruptions except those I create myself - stopping to take pictures, for example. This was a rare chance to get a good look at the ghouls on these two office doors. During the day the doors are usually both open, which rather spoils the effect.

And speaking of effects, I couldn't resist editing the heck out of this photo tonight, long after I left the office sometime after 10 PM, and watched a little Doctor Who, updated my billing info with AOL, whittled my KFB of PQL email from 102 messages to 19, got the Mavarin email from 141 to 99, and cleaned up Annette Funicello's article on Wikipedia. Why else would I be finishing this entry after 4 AM, twenty hours after I got up this morning, when I'm well and truly dead tired?

With any luck, though, I won't be conscious again until at least 2 PM. Good night! Or should I say good morning? Good afternoon?


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