Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Imported Autumn

Last night, I'm pretty sure, was the first time in over two years that I missed a day in my blog posting. This was kind of stressful for me, but after all, I am at Disneyland (well, actually, at a hotel near Disneyland). You did know I was at Disneyland, right? After the posting debacle of Saturday night, I wasn't up to hassling with problematic and pricey Internet connections at 1 AM last night, but tonight I borrowed a wireless card from the hotel. It will cost me $10 to post tonight's entry and check for comments in the morning before we head home. The topic tonight, as it is every Monday night, is Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Leaves are changing color all over the US -- show us the foliage in your neck of the woods. Normally I say that pictures from your archives are fine and dandy, but for this assignment try to get fresh photos of the change of the season. Remember also that even though this is called the Monday Photo Shoot, you can still submit pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday morning -- so you have some time to find that perfect fall photo.

Great. Fall leaves again. John, leaves don't change color much in Arizona. They don't do it much at Disneyland, either. Look at this very green scene from yesterday, along the Big Thunder Trail at Disneyland. See what I mean? Autumn? What autumn?

Well, okay, there are a few colorful leaves in that spot. Actually, no. There's one, next to the crawdads.

And this tree near the animatronic Plains Indians along the Rivers of America looks as though it has picked up a touch of orange, and may change colors eventually. This is with the color saturation boosted 20%.

Fortunately for me, Disney doesn't leave its fall decorating to nature. It imports its autumn leaves.

Nice, huh? This is from Big Thunder Ranch.

Regular posting resumes tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday. Good night!

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DesLily said...

wow! paying ten bucks to blog is a bit much lol.. but your photo's are great! Have fun at Disney!! (envious here).. love Disney!

Bea said...

Disneyland, eh? Your photos tell me it's just as much fun as Disneyworld, except probably cooler this time of year, even in California. I know you are having fun... loved the pirate photos. Have a fantastic week! Bea