Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kashews and Beer (Karma Burns!)

T.J., author of Photo Inclusions: Every Picture Tells a Story, has come up with a Round Robin Photo Challenge that I personally find very challenging indeed. It's called ABCs of Autumn. The idea is to come up with autumn-related pictures of things that start with the first letters of your first and last name. Cool, huh?

But it's not so easy for Karen Blocher of Tucson, Arizona. One problem is, nothing autumnal starts with a K. Another is, Tucson doesn't really have an autumn. Most of the leaves do not change color, let alone fall to the ground. The air is not cool and crisp. People aren't just starting back to school, either. Students who don't have a year-round schedule (e.g. the University of Phoenix) mostly went back to school in August, long before summer was over.

But I like the idea, and I like wordplay, so I'll make this work, somehow. But what can I show you?

A Killer Bunny? No, he's not seasonal enough. (Or seasoned enough.)

How about those Kookie Barbies? There's so confused by Tucson's climate that they have no idea what they're supposed to wear in the fall. I mean, look at Ken, for example. It's finally cool enough to use the grill, but Ken's wearing a sweater to do it! Dude, it's still in the 70s at 1 AM, and the expected high is 95! What do you need a sweater for? Casey's wearing a summery floral, but she's going to regret those long sleeves. Twist-n-Turn Barbie is better off in her sleeveless dress - but she, Casey and Bubble Cut Barbie shouldn't go around the desert in Bare feet! Eek!

Skipper is doing okay in her sleeveless top and denim shorts, and Tutti has sense enough to know that the monsoon is over and some plants need watering. But what's with the Boots, then? Kooky indeed!

Or how about Kate's Buds? I definitely associate Black Rose Kate with autumn. She turned up here last Halloween, and stuck around for much of November. Now that autumn is here again, she's been on my mind. One of the reasons is that every day I pass this flag I made for her. She was intrigued with the Black plastic Buds and white plastic skull, and seemed to like the flag I made from them. It's been almost a year, but I haven't the heart to put it away. See, I'm one of Kate's Buds, too!

I decided early on that I wouldn't cheat on spelling to make this Challenge work. I won't be showing you any Kumpkin Bie (or Bumpkin Kyl for that matter). Nevertheless, I must show you the Burned sausage, "Kashews" and Beer, because thereby hangs a tale.

It all started on Sunday, after the Blessing of the Animals. We took Tuffy to see Eva, who hadn't been well enough for church. Kevin suggested that if she felt Better later in the day (she usually does), we could take her to the 5 PM Mass instead. No animals, but at least she'd get to church. Eva agreed, but then she fell asleep and didn't wake up until after the late Mass was over.

Anyway, about the time I was expecting her call about whether I should pick her up, John and I were at Safeway, Buying groceries. Then we came home, watched a Bit of tv, and I went online. Later we Both went to the gym. I Brought my purse with me, and set it down next to the treadmill while I used it.

Monday morning, I reached into my purse for my wallet. It wasn't there.

For two days I've been searching under furniture and car seats, checking countertops, desks, the top of the dryer, the Bedclothes, hoping my wallet would turn up. I checked my Bank account online, and nobody had used my card. I therefore really didn't think it was stolen, not even by a Kleptomaniac. If it wasn't stolen I didn't want to report all those cards gone, only to find the wallet later. But where was it? I even took this afternoon off to search the house and the car one more time, ask at L.A. Fitness one more time, and then start reporting and replacing stuff. I also wanted to take care of my overdue hospital Bill from the cardiac stress test I had early this year, and clear the 30-or-so messages (most of them political recordings) off the home phone. I got a late start in leaving the office, but by the end of the afternoon I did get the voicemail cleared except for one saved message, paid Tucson Medical Center in full, and cleaned several rooms in the house a bit while hunting for the wallet. But: no wallet. No replacement driver's license, either, because the MVD's camera equipment had Broken down. I did report the debit card to my Bank, but didn't get any of the others taken care of before it was time to return home and face John.

I hadn't told him my wallet was missing, because I didn't want to upset him only to find the wallet later. There was even a chance I could replace all those cards without him knowing there had been a problem; but that would be dishonest. So tonight I told him the wallet was missing, that I'd last had it for sure at Safeway and that it might have been stolen at the gym, but that nobody had used my debit card. John was, as expected, upset and angry. He felt I'd brought this on myself by carrying too much around with me in an open purse. It was just Karma that I should lose something eventually; never mind that I haven't lost a wallet in about fifteen years. He also didn't think I was suffering enough over this, but I was. Yes, I'd brought Bad Karma on myself, and tonight, Karma Burned.

You know what else Burned? Dinner. John was depressed enough by my screw-up that he pretty much wanted cashews and Beer for dinner, but we decided that I would cook the sausage instead. But I was in the bedroom looking at a photo of a Kingbird when the sausage started to Burn. John was upset all over again, not just by the ruined dinner, but because I hadn't been paying sufficient attention again, and messed up again. He gave up on dinner entirely, and went off to the gym.

I decided that I could at least surprise him with Kashews and Beer when he got back, so off I want to Safeway, armed with thirteen dollars in cash and a couple of credit cards I'd been keeping unused in a drawer. I grabbed the two items and proceeded to tell a wonderful cashier named Joyce my tale of woe. As an afterthought, I asked whether Safeway by any chance had my wallet.

They had it. Nothing was missing from it. No, I don't know why they didn't call, unless they did, but couldn't leave a voicemail Because my voicemail was full.

I paid for the cashews and Beer, forgetting briefly in my excitement that I couldn't use my debit card as usual. Then I went home, took the Burned sausage and Beer photo, and rushed off to the gym, wallet in hand, to tell John the good news. He said that he could feel his Blood pressure going down.

What has all thus to do with the ABCs of Autumn? Nothing much. But I'll tell you this. As much as I associate Fall with Black Rose Kate, now I'm also going to think of Autumn as the season of the Karma that Burned, and "Kashews" and Beer.

Now go see what everyone else is doing for this Challenge. Big turnout this time, and many people have already posted their entries. And yes, you're welcome to join in, too! Click here for details!


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Carly said...

Hey Karen

Glad everything turned out ok! Whew! That was a stressful time indeed!

Always, Carly

kmm said...

Now that I have stopped laughing, what a gteat funny post. I had the same K problem and it was no where near as interesting as your day. cheers kerrin

kmm said...

I should have added that I am glad that it all worked out OK in the end and it must have been awful until you got the wallet back. And I don't usually laugh at others misfortune but I watch My name is Earl about Karma etc so looked at it a bit from a different angle.

Danella said...

LOL your pictures are so clever. They made me smile, thanks for sharing.

julie said...

Great text. And I'm so glad you found your wallet. That's not fun at all!

Teena said...

Great pix and stories :) I'm glad you got your wallet back.

Mine are up ...

Suzanne R said...

I love the creativity of your entry, with the K's and the B's sprinkled throughout!

alphawoman said...

Love the stories and the pictures. Especially the Barbie pictures. you have an original Barbie?? I am so jealous. I had one way back when, but with a long black pony-tail.

Bea said...

A great save for your KB today! What a turn of a story...! Glad you found it. Nice barbie doll collection. bea

gina said...

great array of pics with wonderful narrative....though, i'm partial to the lil bunny. :)

Janet said...

WOW! That was a Big Entry! Glad you got your wallet back safely. I have to show my cousin the barbies, she and I have many fond memories of playing with them

Steven said...

Great post!
I know all about blackened sausage! I burn those more often than anything else.