Friday, September 01, 2006

Summer and Monsoon/Some 17 Syllable/Farewells to Them Both

Weekend Assignment #127: Write a haiku saying farewell to summer. A haiku, as many of you know, is a poem of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five again in the third. Simple and fun, and anyone can do 'em. You can do more than one if you want. As a bonus, technically speaking haiku are supposed to feature seasonal imagery, so we've got that going for us this time around.

Extra Credit: A picture of a fun summer activity you're saying goodbye to for another year.

Aha! Time for more of my perversion of haiku brevity: epic haiku!

Haiku for the Monsoon

Here I sit, sticky
In the Arizona heat,
Well after midnight.

The monsoon hangs on:
Moisture in the cotton clouds,
No relief in rain.

Labor Day, we'll see
Another hot, humid day;
Summer lingers here.

Farewell to summer?
Shall I mourn tomorrow's high -
"Only" ninety-three?

Drawings of storm-clouds,
I will celebrate if you
Fulfill your promise!

Give me cooling rain!
Water my tree in peril,
Half brown, half new green.

Let the pattern change
As worries of drought recede:
Dry air: monsoon fades.

When the sky stays clear,
We'll smile: one hundred degrees
Should come to an end.

Hail, summer monsoon!
I liked the sights you showed me.
Depart now in peace.

My summer fun was taking all the sunset and monsoon pictures.


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Mrs. L said...

Your haiku are worth a thousand pictures.

And your pictures evoke a thousand haiku.

Gaboatman said...

I couldn't have said it any better than Mrs. L. Ditto! Great work!

Carly said...

Wonderful photos and haiku!

Paul said...

There actually is a tradition of long form, linked poetry based on the haiku. Look up "renga."

DesLily said...

your sunset pics are always great!

beautiful post Karen

Rachael Anne said...

photos tell stories
our hearts long for us to hear...
joy in the morning!

Julie said...

Is it NEVER not summer in Arizona?! I experienced my first monsoon last summer--remind me never to go to Arizona in August!
Lovely Haikus!

ally said...

two words: insanely cool.

i really liked the way you transitioned from summer to bidding it adieu.

i live in california. it's been unusually humid this year. but, i guess it's better than it being obnoxiously dry and causing brushfires.