Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Storms, Sunsets and Silhouettes

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Capture something in silhouette. Faces, bodies, trees, buildings -- whatever is attractively shadowed is up for consideration.

The Tucson mountains in silhouette,
as seen from Golf Links and Wilmot.

Aw, heck, John. It feels as if I serve up silhouettes practically every night as it is. Many of my sunset shots have backlit trees, mountains, houses, fences, power poles, or some combination thereof.

That same row of trees turns up in most of my Safeway sunsets.

This tree no longer blocks my sunsets.

There's one particular tree near my house that's in so many shots that I'm a little embarrassed when it appears yet again. Actually, there are a few trees like that. Here's one tree you won't be seeing in newer shots. It's the one that fell on someone's roof, a week after this photo was taken.

That familiar, blobby tree in silhouette.

But what the heck. Van Gogh painted a lot of cypress trees. Is it so bad that I photograph certain trees in silhouette over and over, because they happen to be in my sunset shots?

I thought I'd have a little fun with this one.

This isn't technically a silhouette picture, but it's from tonight and I like it. To the naked eye, the mountains seemed to stand in front of each other in flat layers, like a bad Viewmaster shot.

Here's another shot from back in August, which I played with a bit. It's the tree next door. Don't let it fall on my roof!

Tomorrow: more storm pictures.


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Carly said...

Excellent all around! I especially enjoyed the middle shot with the highlights of gold and blue. Stunning contrast. I also loved the creative spin you took with the "Starry Night" photo. Lovely all around!

Gaboatman said...

You and Carly really outdid yourselves for this assignment. I thought the sky in number one and two was stunning, by the way.

ally said...

i really like the van gogh inspired photo. it's my particular favorite from this series.