Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Monsoon?

Several days ago, I mentioned in this blog that the monsoon, Tucson's summer rainy season, appeared to be over. The clouds had been completely gone from the sky for several days, and I anticipated no more significant rain until January or so. Part of the point I was making was that there would be no more cloud and rain pictures for a while, and that the sunset pictures were likely to be "dull, dull dull" without clouds to reflect and refract the colors.

Then there was a prediction of more rain on the way, and indeed the cloud cover looked very promising when I went to lunch today. The cloud photo here is corrected for brightness and contrast and color balance, which it needed because it was taken through a window that gives things a darkish blue tinge.

But this afternoon a wind came in, and the clouds blew out of the city, banished as usual to hanging out over the mountain ranges that ring this valley. Still, that left a few clouds on the horizon to liven up the sunset.

These sunset shots are all from my favorite nearby vantage point for such things, the parking lot near Safeway at Golf Links and Wilmot. I park at the western edge of the lot, actually much closer to a new Subway than to the grocery store.

Last time I brought up the subject of sunsets here, I showed you how an almost completely colorless sunset photo can be edited to look brightly hued and dramatic. Tonight, because the photos are good enough to support it, I've done the opposite. Unlike the cloud photo at the top of this entry, these three sunset photos are not autocorrected or saturated or lightened. All I did was rotate as needed, crop and resize.

No song and dance tonight, no big digressions or essays or photo manipulations. I'm tired and I must sleep for a change. Tonight I took an hour off from blogging to go to Barnes and Noble and work on a mostly-unwritten Darsuma scene for Mages, but I didn't get to it. I finished reading A Wind in the Door instead, because it was easier. Well, I'll get to it, probably Friday. Tomorrow evening I've got the announcement of the next Round Robin topic and a new Weekend Assignment to tackle, so I may not have time for Darsuma and her spell.

In the meantime, good night!


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1 comment:

Globetrotter said...

I do admire the time that you put into blogging Karen. I have no idea how you manage to be so consistent.

Somedays I think that the digital camera technology has really changed photography for the worst. Do we ever really see a true picture of anything any more? It started with the supermodels on magazine covers and now it's safe to assume that almost every photo has been manipulated in some way. Your sunset photos above were refreshing.