Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Profiles Discouraged

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a picture of someone in profile. Could be you, a family member, a friend, a pet -- just as long as we see their face, from the side.

This was surprisingly hard. I expected that John would decline to be photographed, but I didn't expect to struggle through three photo shoots trying in vain to catch myself facing the right direction, fully in the shot, properly lit and with no hair in my eyes. So you get to see the best of my failures.

The second, frustrating, time-consuming, multiple attempt task of the night was to photograph Tucson's fifth anniversary tribute to 9/11. This is supposed to be two beams of light directed from "A" Mountain into the sky in memory of the WTC. But that's across the city from me, so I'm lucky to see and photograph one beam. Again, you get to see the most interesting attempts, photographed with no tripod and edited every which-way.

Weird colors, but the original shot was all red.

Lens cover wasn't quite open. The diagonals
may be rain, may be a plane. Four planes?

This was my first or second attempt. The beam
wasn't really visible yet, just the reflection
on the cloud. The blue part is lightning.

This next shot was also frustrating, but at least it didn't take long. It was pretty much dusk when I left the office tonight, first day back after being out sick on Friday. The view was pretty, but I couldn't photograph it without a reflection. I offer the photo strictly as is.

But the most time-consuming, frustrating task of the evening by far has been to
  • Troubleshoot
  • Research
  • Update
  • Troubleshoot
  • Research again
  • Uninstall
  • Uninstall again
  • Reinstall
  • Update
  • Reinstall (2nd program)
  • Update
  • Run
  • Fix AOL because of
  • Reconfigure
  • Run again
Norton Systemworks and Norton Internet Security. (Insert several reboots in there, one of which took 20 minutes, and you begin to get the idea.) I've been having trouble with Norton (and my computer generally) for weeks, with error messages and unfinished scans and slowdowns and not responding and I can't get to the AOL screen and why won't my darn computer SHUT DOWN!

Maybe it's fixed now.

And at the end of this long evening, when I should be well into REM sleep, I discover that Scalzi allows pet profiles for this shoot. One-take Tuffy obliges, with about two minutes of set-up.

Good night!


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DesLily said...

hmmm is that a doggie cookie or a potatoe chip?? If it's a chip I WANT ONE! lol..

Globetrotter said...

I love the 4th picture down from the top. The light so eerie and there's a sense of incredible stillness on the street inspite of the distant light.

I hate Norton personally, and have been told by others that it can cause more trouble than it's worth.

I've given up on my computer. Too ADD too do all that stuff you did!