Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So, Are You Sick of Sunsets Yet?

Tuesday sunset at the school where I voted

I have a small problem with sunsets, which is this: I can't seem to stop taking pretty pictures of them. If I don't post them frequently, I develop a terrible backlog on my increasingly full hard drive.

Looking across the school playground

To alleviate this glut, like it or not, I must post a minimum of five sunset photos tonight. They represent just one fourth of the sunset pictures I've taken in two days, excluding the ones I deleted outright.

However, just in case you think there's more to life than Tucson sunsets, I will now talk about other things.

Wednesday sunset from the second floor.

I was very dizzy this morning from congestion, which made it hard to get up and go to work, and equally hard to accomplish much once I was there. I did eventually feel better though, and ended up working until 6:30. I came out of the accounting department just in time to see the last of the sunset--oops. I'm not supposed to discuss that any further.

Looking east at sunset, Wednesday

I actually have made it through part of Chapter Four in my editing of Mages of Mâvarin, including ten pages just last night. I'm on page 123 now, which sounds impressive until you learn that a) it's doublespaced, and b) I have 31 1/2 chapters - over a thousand pages - still to go. That's okay. I'll get there.

Sunset Wednesday, looking north. No adjustments.

Tonight, after John got home late from the office, thus proving he wasn't "dead in a ditch," I went out and brought us back a slice of pizza each. (They're very large slices.) As I waited, I read through parts of my current writing notebook, the one for writing in restaurants. For the second time in a row while waiting for pizza at Mama's, I didn't write a thing; but I had fun reading. Last time, I read a chunk of the second Joshua Wander story, "My Favorite Ghost," the one I was serializing to a few beta readers until I got stuck and set it aside. I quite like it, though. I just need to work out how to write the solving-the-mystery part of it. Any tips, Julie? Linda?

Tonight I read other fragments - a bit that didn't make it into Mall of Mâvarin, a bad poem (actually, I skipped over that), notes for The Jace Letters, and the intro to the opening scene of The Mâvarin Revolutions. Although with the cold and the dizziness and the sleep issues I didn't feel up to working on a scene while waiting for my mushrooms, sausage and meatballs, I quite enjoyed reading past noodlings.

Still, I can't get involved in those right now. As of Sunday, Jace and Sandy both have a clue what's really going on in The Jace Letters, so I'm into the scary wrap-up-the-story part (climax and denouement). And Chapters Four through Thirty-Five of Mages won't revise themselves. I've got to do it.

Meanwhile, I had another one of those crushing moments of seeing a large envelope in the mailbox. It wasn't my Heirs manuscript, though. It was a Disney magazine John won on eBay. I've got to get that follow-up letter off to Tor!


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Barns of Ohio said...

No, i'll never get enough of sunsets.....I truly love seeing and photographing them....