Saturday, September 09, 2006

Once a Trekker...

Well, it's official. I'm sick. I even called in sick today, with sore glands, sore throat, a cough, and most of all a nose that won't stop...well, let's not be gross here. You get the idea. Furthermore, I'm banished to the couch so that at least John can sleep.

Not being at my best, I don't really feel up to writing an entry tonight. But I should say something about this weekend's other major anniversary.

Souvenir of the Las Vegas Hilton. I strongly
recommend "Star Trek: The Experience."

I'm not at all sure I saw Star Trek as early as 1966. I know that I watched it on NBC with my Dad at least a few times, but I was only nine years old when the show started, and for at least part of its run it aired at a time I was supposed to be in bed asleep. The one episode I specifically remember watching during the show's original run was "The Paradise Syndrome," from the third season. I've always been a sucker for gimmick episodes in which a major character becomes blind, deaf, or an amnesiac. This was the one in which Kirk loses his memory, falls in love with Miramanee, and knocks her up. (Yes, she's dead by the end of the episode.) I remember sitting very quietly on the couch next to my Dad, hoping desperately that he wouldn't notice I was up past my bedtime and send me upstairs. On this occasion, he took pity on me and let me watch the whole episode.

In 1972 or 1973 I edited my first fanzine, a five page ditto mastered Trekzine called 2-5YM. I probably wrote over half of it myself. Dan wrote a piece about building a successful Enterprise model from the AMT kit, instead of one with nacelles that sagged or broke off almost immediately. Soon after this, we found or were found by three kids from Syracuse who were starting a fan club, S.T.A.R. Syracuse. We joined forces, and the club really got underway from there.

By then I was positively in withdrawal if I was away from the TV at 5 PM weekdays, when Star Trek aired on WNYS TV, Channel 9. I bought film clips from Lincoln Enterprises (owned by Gene Roddenberry) and a tribble from DageCo (David Gerrold's company at the time). I wrote part of a Mary Sue script in which Joel and I saved the Enterprise. I bought and read all the Star Trek books that were out at the time,which wasn't all that many back then. I attended one of the early Star Trek conventions in New York City, and was kissed by Isaac Asimov. And I discovered the books of Harlan Ellison, who wrote one of my favorite Star Trek episodes, "The City on the Edge of Forever." That led to my finding out about the Clarion Writer's Workshop, which I applied to in 1977. It was at Clarion that I met my future husband. So, you see, Star Trek was partly responsible for me finding the love of my life!

I'm the "wax-on, wax-off" alien in the middle.

I think it's fair to say that Star Trek: The Next Generation was better written than the original series, but I never memorized all the dialogue as I did with the first show. We didn't even tape it after a while. I never cared for Deep Space 9, only quite liked Voyager, and didn't even bother to watch most episodes of Enterprise. That's kind of a shocking admission, considering the lead character was played by my favorite actor, Scott Bakula. I can't help it, though. Archer wasn't a very likeable character,and that counts for a lot with me.

But I still remember enough of the dialogue from "The Trouble with Tribbles" that I noticed that a couple of lines were missing from the "Who threw the first punch?" scene with Scotty on TV Land tonight. I didn't watch the whole show, which was on opposite new Stargate eps.

Enough. It's very late, and I have a blood donor appointment at 11:45 AM. Are you alllowed to give blood and sniffle at the same time?


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julie said...

Ah, the memories! I had to say something as well, but I had no time for pics today. Perhaps over the weekend.

And get to feeling better. That's an order!

DesLily said...

well you KNOW I enjoyed reading this post lol.. always nice to see how the "obsession" happens for each person lol..

Chris said...

Hope that you feel better. I don't remember you being on that show...hmmmmmmm (ha ha)

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ShellyS said...

I can still remember the night of Trek's premiere. My father the space buff (yeah, I get it from him) announced we were going to watch a new show about a spaceship crew. We had only the one tv then so it was Trek or nothing; my sister opted for nothing and went to her room. Dad, Mom, and I enjoyed Trek that night and every night of its 3-year run.

I've told friends that Trek was required viewing in my house when I was growing up and they are sooooo jealous.

Feel better soon. I've been congested and all, but it's allergies. Take care of yourself.

--Shelly, using her new commenting Blogger account

Georganna Hancock said...

Am I the only one around who started watching Star Trek from the beginning as an adult? Sheesh! I'm starting to feel old, at least until I see the Star Trek starts still alive ... then I feel positively youthful. Can you believe it's still being shown, a (thusfar) 40-year run.

Hope you feel better soon!

Becky said...

Trekkers rule! (yeesh I'm such a dork. LOL) But I don't think they let you donate when you're sick. Hope you feel better soon!

Bea said...

I was 13 when the show first aired, but was living in Berlin,Germany. DId not see the first episodes until we returned to the states in 1968, and by then they were probably all reruns. There was a small group of fans in our high school... I found myself attracted to their discussion on characters, dialogue, and some even began creating their own stories. I loved the show. How did you get that picture made of you with the crew... ? Cute. So that's where you met your hubby... and why you love Harlan Ellison... getting to know you!! Bea