Monday, September 11, 2006

Since I Have Nothing to Say...

This has been on my hard drive
since at least two computers ago.

...perhaps it's best that I direct readers to some excellent postings about 9/11 by other people.

Paul reminds us of facts, and follows them up with an extraordinary, very personal account of a day spent in front of the tv.

Carly offers a very different remembrance of that day, some thoughts on related issues, and some useful links.

Bea prepared a class full of children for the news the school declined to announce. (Two part entry)

Patrick reveals why his memories of 9/11 involve a stranger named Joshua.

Shelly was close enough to smell the smoke.

2,996 Project:

David Angell - comedy writer-producer

Joshua Birnbaum - bond trader and musician
Thelma Cuccinello - grandmother
Dorothy Alma DeAraujo - artist
Jake Denis Jagoda- energy trader and former charter boat skipper
John Frederick Rhodes - senior vice president and family man

I'm sure there are tons more worth reading, but you get the idea.

Since it is now 9/11/06, I suppose this is my last chance for this year to try to find something new to say about what happened five years ago.

Sorry. Can't think of a thing.

Fortunately, Paul, Carly, Bea, Patrick and the rest did have something to say. Read them.

Flags at my mom's cemetery, Memorial Day 2005

My previous entry on 9/11: I Still Have Nothing to Contribute

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Donna said...

I took part in the 2,996 project, and consider it a great honor that I could do so. Thanks to Patrick for bringing it to my attention.

Carly said...

Hi Karen

Thank you for the link to my entries. You are doing all you can, and being true to yourself. This is a difficult day for so many, and we all hold our own personal feelings and experiences when dealing with whatever residual feelings remain. You are doing fine.

Bea said...

Thank you for linking to my tribute, Karen. I didn't realize what was involved in writing about the person whose name they sent to us. There was very little information on Mr. Rhodes. I had to do an aol search... I spent considerable time piecing together events, facts, and feelings to complete the project, but since I love to write, I didn't mind! I learned a lot about that day as a result, things I had forgotten, things I had not known. Your photo of the Twin Towers in the skyline of NY is priceless. Did you take it? Bea