Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuffy, Not Yawning

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a picture of someone yawning and/or stretching. Clearly, pets are eligible for this photo shoot as well.

Sorry, John. Tuffy wouldn't yawn for me, I know better than to ask my husband to pose for this, and you really wouldn't want to see a picture of the inside of my mouth. I took some pictures of Tuffy anyway, though, and went through my files. Here's what I found:

Tuffy stretching around to bite her tail. A photo from May.

Tuffy stretching in preparation for leaving
the loveseat, while Noodle hangs out. Circa 1997.

Well, her mouth is open, anyway. October 2005.

Tonight. She had no clue why I kept yawning at her.

Now what? Also from tonight.


There were more annoying and frustrating developments on the Wikipedia wrangle today. Barbara Bauer herself apparently complained to Wikipedia, and an admin took out even more of the entry, alleging that the sources weren't good enough, which is hooey. Ironically, one of the sections removed was the one about Barbara Bauer making threats and complaints about people who mention her online. There are times when irony and absurdity aren't very funny. This is one of them.


I got some stuff done tonight, though. I kept up with the email on the Mavarin screen name, and finally cleared out the 74 emails on kfbofpql and the 17 on kfbuwot. I researched a minor financial matter, ordered a refill on the diuretic that actually works, and did laundry. I also opened my mag02 document to resume work on my Mages revision. Eight pages in, I don't think I've changed a word of it, but I haven't gotten to the troublesome part yet.


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Barbara said...

sounds like you have been busy and got a lot done. Good for you! I hope your editing keeps going smoothly and I enjoyed the Jace letters.

Barbara said...

I love all the tuffy pictures she is such a beautiful dog.

Bea said...

I know the problem... I had it with my two dogs too. Can't get them to yawn or stretch when my camera is out. I need to wait for them to get up and have my camera ready and pointed at them, in focus, my finger on the button, waiting. I'm going to keep trying, though, because their stretches are so cute. your Tuffy is adorable. bea