Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Round Robin: Meet Me Down on Main Street

It's time for the latest Round Robin Challenge! This one comes to us from Cosette of Pandora's Bazaar. The topic: Americana!

In-N-Out Burger, somewhere in California

I had all sorts of ideas swirling through my head on this one, even as recently as early this evening. One angle I seriously considered was fast food. What could be more American than a retro-style hamburger or hot dog stand?

A little restaurant and soda fountain in Magdalena, New Mexico

Or how about Coke memorabilia and other items from a bygone era in American popular culture?

If this were first thing in the morning,
some of these people would be running.

Ultimately, though, I decided on pictures of a place with "U.S.A." in the name. Loosely inspired by Marceline, Missouri circa 1900, it's a street that millions of people walk or ride down every year. Sometimes they are in a hurry to get to the end of it. They barely look around as they pass the fire station, the opera house, the movie theatre and all those shops.

Waiting for a tree-lighting ceremony, Christmas Eve 2005

Other times, they hang out in the street or at its edge, waiting for something to happen. Or they wander around, looking or shopping and hanging out. This street rewards such attention with lots of fun, funny or nostalgic touches.

If they're a marching band, why are the musicians sitting down?

If you're there at the right time of day, there will be a parade, or even a band concert, like this one on the Fouth of July, 2003.

The tree has been lit. Now what?

And at Christmas the place can be pretty magical.

So where is this street? Do you even have to ask? This is Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland. All the Disney theme parks have something like it, but this is the one Walt Disney himself oversaw, and actually walked (or drove) on. He even had an apartment above the fire department.

Walt is long gone, but it's still a pretty cool place, and very American. I want to go back there, as soon as possible!


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Carly said...

I was never at Disneyland for Christmas, but I was there for Halloween one year. I think I was around 7 or so. Neat choice to celebrate Americana. :)

Globetrotter said...

Great pictures, Karen! I've been to Disneyworld at Christmastime and on the Fourth of July when my kids were little. We had a ball watching the fireworks over River Country after a full course meal and show at the Country Bear Jamboree. And isn't it interesting that every little city in the US seems to have a Main Street?

Hope you get back to Disneyworld soon!

PS: LOve that memorobilia collection!


Tammy said...

Perfect choice for this topic! Love it there, but I'm getting too old for the crowds :)

Suzanne R said...

Great subject and photos for the Challenge! I went to Disneyland with my husband and another couple when I was pregnant with my youngest son, who is now 33 years old! Other than the morning sickness, it was fun. ;-) The place is definitely quintessentially American!

julie said...

I had no idea there was a particular inspiration for Main Street USA. Cool!

DesLily said...

you'd never believe the near break down I had crying the first time I ever went to Disneyland in Florida (disneyworld?).. "uncle Walt" was part of my growing up with a television and I really (REALLY) never thought I would get there.. so when I did... oh boy! lol the flood gates opened! lol..

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great minds think alike.

Pamela said...

Wow we do think alike! I almost put a picture of my son with Mickey Mouse! How much more American do you get?
Enjoyed your entry.

Brad said...


I had my first In-n-Out burger ever this spring break. I must have been hungry, I went back for thirds. This was while on our first family trip with kids to disneyland. What a great trip.


Tess said...

Ok, I have made a decision, it's burgers and apple pie for dinner tonight!

TropicRedbird said...

I just realized I am probably one of the very few Americans that has never been to DISNEY anything, except the Disney Store in the mall!!! Nice pictures ... even without stating where they were taken, they have something very American about them! ~ Valorie