Thursday, July 06, 2006

After the Storm

I'm mostly going to just show you a handful of the many photos I took today, and then go the heck to bed. The monsoon is monsooning!

During the storm, someone struggles
with an umbrella on the way to the car.

Much as I love "dramatic weather," I have to admit that today's storm wasn't all pretty pictures and relief rom the heat. Out on Wilmot this evening, a police car diverted traffic from a big branch on the road When I got home, the air conditioner I'd turned on at lunch was off. When John got home, he discovered that his external hard drive was fried. Everything else was as we'd left it. We figure there was a power surge. Plus I could hear the bad connection due to weather, every time my modem redialed AOL. And it wasn't even raining! Oh, and a smallish branch in our driveway from the big pine tree next door had John calculating the odds of future tree-related disasters.

I took a lot of post-storm cloud and sunset shots.
I chose this one to show you because I like the curve
of the road and the subtlety of the colors.

The wash by the high school had the barricades up,
but it wasn't too deep to drive through. It almost
never is, at this particular wash. Still, people have
needed rescue and even died due to misjudging
some of the deeper washes around here. (A wash, or
arroyo, is a river or creek bed that only carries water
during or after a rain storm. Many of them cross
streets or roads around here, and there are certain
streets that run six inches deep in water for blocks.)

The same wash, seconds later, turned out to be
a place for kids to have mildly dangerous fun.

Sunset turns to dusk.

I have been working on Mages of Mâvarin, tinkering with the end of that prologue scene and rewriting some bits to make them compatible in terms of story continuity. It's going well, I think. Yes, I know I haven't done an installment of The Jace Letters this week. I'll try to get to it tomorrow, but no promises. The novel has priority in my imagination right now.

Incidentally, I'm having more trouble than usual with the keyboard on my laptop. Certain keys, most notably f, t and spacebar, often don't work unless I tap extra, extra hard on them - and sometimes not even then. Argh.

Good night!


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DesLily said...

i've had my share of bad weather already...sheesh. we are actually promised 4 days without rain! It's been a really wet summer this year in NJ.