Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Beautiful Briny Sea

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Go under the waves (or at least pretend to) and take a picture relating to something aquatic. Fish are always nice, but anything you'd usually find underwater will work. It's okay if they're not real. Work with what you've got.

Okay. I've been exploring and playing around a bit for this one. Here are the results:

Resurfacing in 2007This is a 2005 version of the wall blocking the view of the Submarine Lagoon at Disneyland. I also have a 2003 version. John and I were on the original Submarine Voyage the very last night it operated, back in September 1998. The lagoon lay dormant for years, but last year we peeked through a barrier up by the Monorail, and saw mounds of dredged up dirt, as they prepared to put in the Finding Nemo update of this classic ride.

Here's the lagoon in 2003, with two versions of the coming attraction wall superimposed over the submarine loading area.

And finally, here's a little Museum of the Weird action for your viewing pleasure. These ceramic fish are on John's bathroom wall. I superimposed a couple of other shots and fiddled wth color and other effects to try to put the fishies under water.

Hey, it's only 2:13 AM. That's better than last night's 3 AM. Goodnight!

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Paul said...

It's amazing how topicality can affect what we see and understand about the world around us. After reading your entry I had to ask myself why you had a picture at the top that referred to Zinadine Zidane. It was only after I looked at it for a while that I realised it didn't say "Zizou."

Tess said...

I do love those wall fish!

Christie said...

I have a fish painting on my bathroom wall too. A betta of course!