Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Rainbow and the Fox

Tonight was more fun than last night, but less productive. Our Zorro DVDs arrived from the Disney Movie Club, and I spent most of the evening watching the first eight episodes. They aren't the greatest DVDs ever. They offer only the 1992 colorized version of the show, and leave off in the middle of a story arc -16 episodes into a 39 episode season, 3 episodes into a 13 episode serial. They have no extras at all, and one of the boxes has Zorro's white horse from Season 2, Phantom, colored black to look like his other horse, Tornado!

I love it anyway. This was a great show, and the stories really hold up. The colorization was probably state of the art for 1992, and makes for agreeable eye candy. Would Don Alejandro really have worn a bright orange outfit? Who cares? I love bright colors.

So of course I had to edit the Wikipedia Zorro (TV Series) article, adding info on the DVDs and some other stuff. I ended up writting to Bill Cotter, who has a huge Zorro web site with all kinds of neat stuff on it. Cotter also wrote a book about the history of Disney tv, The Wonderful World of Disney Television, kind of a concordance and encyclopedia about everything from Zorro and Mickey Mouse Club to Duck Tales and Lizzy McGuire. I've used his book extensively, especially back when the Disney Channel was still showing lots of the old stuff on Vault Disney.

The other thing I did all night was download a bunch of huge Word files that Barbara (BeckerB6) kindly sent me, backing up Musings from Mâvarin. Thanks, Barbara! What a lot of work that must have been!

Before all the fun and games relating to Zorro the fox, I made a run to Subway after work, just in time to see two ends of a somewhat weak rainbow. They didn't really photograph well, but ever since the time I saw a really great, full double rainbow and didn't have a camera with me, I've tried to always take pictures of rainbows when I see them. Here are a couple of the better shots, with the saturation boosted and other adulterations.

Really, the camera wasn't quite up to reproducing what my eyes saw, or else I haven't found the right setting yet.

After Subway, back at the house, I took a couple of sunset pictures. They're unusual in the contrast of light and dark, which is pretty much how the sky really was. In the other direction it was a solid blue-gray of clouds, occasionally shot through with lightning. I tried to luck onto a lightning shot, but even the photo that I'm sure was exposed before, during and after a lightning strike shows nothing but cloud. Ah, well.

There was a little further unpleasantness today relating to that other matter on Wikipedia, but I mostly stayed out of it.

Good night!


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Becky said...

It's funny... I'm usually really easy to please when it comes to movies and TV. But I can't stand colorization!! I guess I'm a B&W purist. :-)

julie said...

You get such great sunset pictures. Okay, so I'm jealous. ;-)