Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let Me Out!

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Pretend you're a bug. Take a picture from that point of a view. You choose the bug: Fly, spider, bee, wasp, caterpillar, flea, a dung beetle which used to be Gregor Samsa, whatever. Just make sure you view the world from that point of view.

To those who are about to freak, I salute you.

Hi. I'm Gregory. Karen thinks I'm probably some kind of longhorn beetle, but I have no idea what humans call me. I haven't really thought about it much. Sunday night I was trapped in Karen's bathroom window. This is my story.

Here's where Karen found me. I got her attention by making noise, struggling in the tight spaces between the old blinds and the inner window pane. Then I had to rest. It scared me into immobility when Karen opened the window to help me get back outside. It didn't help that she kept blinding me with her flash pictures.

I tried several times to climb up the blinds, but I kept falling. It didn't accomplish anything, anyway.

This other corner of the window had the opening to the outside world - and a tissue Karen used to transport little ladybug-like cousins of mine out of her tub. I think the reason she didn't try to kill me, the biggest beetle she'd ever seen, was that she was feeling a little guilty about rinsing the tiny black beetles down the drain, a technique that recently replaced her micro-beetle rescue operations. I can't blame her for that. She's had a huge population of them this past week or two.

The tissue did me no good, of course, even when Karen used it to force me to the open end of the outer window. Even from here, I saw no obvious escape. I mean, what did she expect me to do, fly?

Ah. She opened the window a bit further. That's better.

Karen eventually left me alone, so I was able to recover from the scary human intrusion, trundle through the opening and crawl down the outside wall. Karen took this picture later to show what I saw - or would have, had I been there by daylight.

Let's not do this again sometime.

Gregory Bug

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DesLily said...

Hey Karen... hmmm, well.. have a beetle-free happy 4th of July! lol

Chris said...

I have such a phobia about beetles that when I came to your page I literally jumped up and backed away from the computer. I'm not sure what it is that was written because I bypassed all those pictures as fast as I could. Geez, that is one freaking ugly bug! What do they feed those things in Arizona to make them so darn big??? lol. You can keep them!

Becky said...



Sure looks like a longhorn beetle. Yikes!

I'd be sleeping with a can of Raid under my pillow at night.

Bea said...

Whoa!! As much as I like bugs, that one is a bit big for me to get near... I salute you for rescuing it instead of killing it. Just because it is big and ugly in our eyes, I remind myself when I see these strange creatures that God made them too, and they were here first! I always try to help a bug get out of my house before I think about killing it. I didn't know we had beetles that big in North America. I wish I had thought to write an entry like that about the two slugs I found the other night! Great story from the Bug's POV! Bea