Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is No Time to be Writing this Entry.

First of all, I have to admit, 4 AM is not a good time to be writing a blog entry, particularly a seriously introspective one, Therefore I will table the original topic I planned, and write Hmm. what are my options? What do I want to post about tonight? What can I write while Adam West narrates a show about "super vixens" in the next room, and still go to bed before dawn?


As Jack Benny said in a famous joke, "I'm thinking! I'm thinking!"

Maybe I should just tell you what I've been up to, and call it a night. I worked a full day, missed a deadline or two, got rained on waiting for the walk signal, came home, checked for the latest developments on the Barbara Bauer article discussions and controversies, went to dinner with John, and finally got caught up on commenting on the Round Robin entries. Then there was a great show about Walt Disney World on Modern Marvels, followed by these back to back to back shows about comic book-style heroes and villains. Where did the evening go? Heck, where did the night go?

While I'm deciding how to exit this entry gracefully, let me take care of an alert email that I've had on "Keep as new" for a week now.

Writer's Weekly Question #21:
Have you ever written a piece of flash fiction? Do you think that flash fiction is an evolutionary step in American fiction, or is it just a "flash in the pan?" Is writing in this genre easier or more difficult? Why?

Just off the top of my head (yes, even a week later), I really don't think there's anything terribly new about flash fiction, other than the online venues for it. They used to be called "short shorts." I wrote one, just one, years ago, in the Cox Cable parking lot while paying a bill. It's my little 249-word tribute to Saint Nicholas, "Snowflake." Although I did revise it a bit later, several times, it was remarkably easy to write. For once I had an idea for a small, self-contained vignette. That almost never happens to me. In fact, I very seldom have any kind of story idea at all. When I do have one, it almost always turns into a saga.

Um, what was the question again?

Darn it. Here comes the rosy-fingered dawn.


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DesLily said...

geez Karen.. i love the dawn.. but that's only because I am waking up!.. not going to bed lol.. if I ever attempted to write anything after being up all night it would turn to mush! I don't know how you do it!

Bea said...

Flash fiction... I haven't heard that one. It sounds like a super short story... I wrote a super short story (faith-based, with Christian slant), then it grew into a 12 page parable, and then into an 81 page (at this time) story that is yet unfinished. Back burner material. It's incubating while I gather more spiritual insight!! And it needs more research because geography and history are important to the telling of it.
Hey Karen, pleeeease get some sleep!

Becky said...

Hey! Is that a slide I see out there by the pool???