Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting Better (sort of)

I can knock a few more tasks off my mental checklist, at least for now. The church Schedule page is caught up, and I posted three entries(!) to the church news blog. I even answered a stressful email.

Meanwhile, I also got the Barbara Bauer article on Wikipedia referenced properly, with citations that even the pickiest admins are likely to endorse (and two of them have done so). One of those admins then cleaned it up further, making it a) better and clearer, and b) less likely to be messed with by the guy who likes to say charming things like this:

Both of you [Karen and Jules] are blog comment commandos out to get Bauer in this attack piece. Your leader is Neilsen Hayden. You came from her group. That is far from objective. That's the conflict of interest and i hope that is perfectly clear. It has been my assertion all along before you directed respnses as an attack on me. This article makes a joke out of Wikipedia and you two attack an edit that you don't like indefense of your sci-fi hero editor. This is a cult.

This is despite the fact that I added much of the positive material about Bauer to the article, such as her PhD and thesis, her singing career, and the evidence (weak though it is) that she actually has sold books for her clients in decades past. And the edit we didn't like was an anonymous one that attacked Teresa Nielsen Hayden (note spelling) without citing any sources. Nevertheless, to be fair, we investigated the charges it contained, which is more than the person quoted above seemingly did.

Anyway, I think the wrangle over that article and the other one is over. Then again, I've thought so before, and been proven wrong.


The spots are raindrops.

Everyone seems to be complaining about the heat these days, no matter where they live. Here in Tucson it's been hot, of course, but we have been getting some monsoon rain, finally. I'm posting a couple of random pictures to commemorate that fact.

Where did the mountains go?

And maybe tomorrow night, Jace and Sandy will finally exchange emails again. I'm quite interested to find out what they've each been up to all this time.

Good night!


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Paul said...

Don't be silly. Those are clearly ghosts.

julie said...

Some people never learn, it seems.

That first picture is cool.

The heat where I live is horrid. Got up to 110 yesterday. But we have a cold front forecast for the weekend: Highs in the mid-upper 90s. I'd better make sure my sweaters are clean. ;-)

Becky said...

LOL at Paul's comment. I've seen a lot of "ghost hunter" "orb" photos too. ;-)