Monday, July 17, 2006

Catching Up (a little more)

The broad outline of my day was as follows:
  • Got up after four hours of sleep (or was it 3 1/2?).
  • Went to church. Crucifer during Mass.
  • Took another picture of the new curate, this time with her eyes open.
  • Attended reception brunch for curate Angela.
  • Dropped off friends at B&N
  • Reverted another edit on the Barbara Bauer article with unsourced attacks on TNH. Responded to another charge of pro-TNH bias from Mark.
  • Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with John. Thought about Black Rose Kate.
  • Had a late lunch/early dinner with John.
  • Went shopping with John.
  • Went to bed. Slept for 3 hours.
  • Went to office. Worked (mostly) from 10 PM to 12:50 AM.
  • Came home. Edited and posted the picture of Rev. Angela.
  • Wrote an important email.
  • Checked my Wikipedia watchlist but didn't post any edits.
  • Posted updated Clergy page and correct Seasons page.
  • Started the few dishes from today soaking, so I can wash them as soon as this entry is posted.
  • Wrote this list.
  • Washed the dishes while I waited for the monsoon clouds picture to upload.

Mount Lemmon, seen from rooftop mall parking
The monsoon so far this year is annoying me. There's been a lot of humidity, but not all that much rain. Power fluctuations and outages from the few storms and the overtaxed power grid have killed John's year-old external hard drive and our one-month old DVD recorder. John bought a UPS along with his replacement hard drive, but he lost a lot of downloads, and has had some trouble with the new drive, too. The DVD recorder hasn't worked well from the start, but that's no excuse for it to stop working, just because it was on pause when the power went out.

And, of course, the tree probably fell because of seasonal weather. John rented a power saw Saturday as I slept, and cut the wood into bite size chunks. Yes, we will be buying a new fruit tree, in the fullness of time. Right now John is concentrating on getting the library shelving started, in between electronics traumas.

Still, I like the pictures I get this time of year. The photos above were taken on the roof of the covered parking at Park Place Mall, late this afternoon. I accidentally uploaded the first of the monsoon mountain photos without resizing it first, so if you click on it, fair warning, it's probably gonna be big.

Good night!


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Anonymous said...

I looked at that last set of unsourced allegations on the Barbara Bauer page. It was very interesting. There's far more detailed information in it than I'd previously known about the famous phone call to Phil Schwartz wherein Barbara Bauer tried to get me fired.

I'm also surprised to see Masquerade Books dragged into it. I was for a time the editor-in-chief at Masquerade, but some vast number of people could say the same. Richard Kasak, Masquerade's publisher, fires everybody sooner or a little less sooner. You might think of it as a temp gig. I certainly did.

Anyway, if Barbara Bauer sold books to Masquerade, and hocked the company for Lyn Davenport's royalty statements, she was dealing with Richard Kasak, not me. I'm mildly surprised that she managed to do that at all. Richard Kasak had a thing about agents -- just plain didn't want to deal with them.

Given the amount of detail in those unsourced allegations, and their furious tone, they can only have been written by Barbara Bauer herself.

I am, as ever, amazed at BB's stupidity and lack of self-control. By attacking people who reproduced the Twenty Worst Agents List, she focused attention on herself and her presence on the list. Getting AW shut down got her a huge amount of attention, all of which tied her to the Twenty Worst Agents List. And if she continues to persecute me, I will eventually write up an amusing account of it and post it online, at which point her name will have even more mud attached to it.

Barbara Bauer could knock this off any time. She's only doing damage to herself.


Anonymous said...

Karen, have you or Jules been saving previous versions of the entry text and the discussions thereof?