Saturday, January 28, 2006

That Was the Missing Equation

Well, Sarah did come up with the first of the three kinds of weirdness in last night's "experimental" entry. It was written in second person, future tense, like the 1959 kid's book, You Will Go to the Moon. I'm sure I've mentioned this book before, either in Musings or in my LJ, Mâvarin & Other Inspirations, but Google only finds me talking about it in comments to two other people's blogs. Bea's was one of them.

The second oddity about that entry, which nobody began to guess, was in what it didn't have. Nowhere in it did I use the words me, myself or I, my or mine, we or us, our or ours, or even the name Karen. As much as I typically talk about myself - almost obsessively, it seems sometimes, I've long wanted to write an entry in which I didn't mention myself at all. It made for an interesting writing exercise, but with the whole second person thing, nobody noticed this extra wrinkle. But that's okay. I'll probably try it again sometime, but without the second person gimmick.

That leaves the third secret weirdness in last night's entry. Unlike the second oddity, it involved something that was in the entry, but was barely visible. Since nobody guessed that one, either, I'm not going to say what it was. If you do find it, you'll also find out how to let me know you know, without letting anyone else know you know. You know?

Tonight I think I finished the edit of the cover letter, subject to any further suggestions I may get (and decide to take) from beta readers. Now I just need to renew my membership with Writer's Market Online, and use that and other resources to find out my best bets for agents and publishers to try next, as well as any workshops where I might make a connection without spending too much money I don't have.

Oh, and I posted the next part of Heirs of Mâvarin, Chapter Two over on my fiction blog. And yes, I redesigned that blog today, too. That one got a background photo that I actually took myself. The one on this blog is just MS clip art, but I like it. It reminds me of the River Misis in Mâvarin.



Becky said...

Oh...and I like the new blog background and design. :-)

tess said...

I'm not sure of the third element because I'm miserable at riddles but you have me singing Dark Side of the Moon and thinking Pink Floyd thoughts.
Like the new background.