Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mountain Moods

I have a more ambitious entry planned for sometime soon, but I think tonight I'll just post some mountain shots I took today.

This was my view as I drove to work this morning. Somehow the mountains looked extra large at 8 AM. Unfortunately, the cars ahead of me ruined the effect.

I think it was something about the quality of the light, which kind of washed out the mountains as the camera saw them. The shadows were a little more prominent to the naked eye.

Also, there were high clouds, which hasn't been the norm since the monsoon ended. I heard in passing the other day that El Niño is forming. We'll probably start having our winter rains soon. The temperature this morning was about 36 degrees, which has been typical recently. The high today was 70. That temperature spread makes it hard to dress appropriately for both the morning drive AND going to lunch!

This was my third and final attempt to capture the mountains' morning mood.

I didn't leave work until after sunset, partly because at the end of the day I took advantage of the high speed connection to check out Round Robin entries. Probably saved me an hour of loading time! There's something kind of cool about photos taken at dusk, with all those late rush hour cars blaring their headlights, even though it's not dark yet. Of course, by law they have to do this from sunset on.

This last shot is facing the other direction, toward the Santa Rita mountains south of town. There was definitely more cloud cover at the end of the day than when the day started.

Coming soon: But Is It Art?


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Becky said...

You keep reminding me that Arizona is NOT flat (like I always thought). LOL