Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Game Attempt

Weekend Assignment 93: Suggest a Weekend Assignment topic!

The rules are simple: The assignment has to be a question that most people can participate in and answer on their blog or journal, and it has to not violate AOL's terms of service, and it has to be something that we haven't already done as a Weekend Assignment (variations on something we've already done are fine). Pick something simple, pick something wild and crazy or pick something somewhere in between -- get as creative as you want.

Extra Credit: Thought of one? Think of one more.

John says to go ahead and post to his comment thread instead of writing it up. But hey, come on! It's not for nothing that so many teachers marked "Does not follow directions" on my report card!

Incidentally, I researched when I first started doing these things. My participation goes all the way back to #7, back in May 2004.

I also researched whether the suggestions below have already been done. Google and my memory seem to say no. However, Scalzi has asked for Weekend Assignment suggestions before. Here's what I suggested the first time around:

What one public place near you do you find most intriguing, and why? Show it to the rest of J Land, preferably with pictures. This need not be a tourist attraction, as long as it's a place you find genuinely interesting.

Alternate assignment: where do you take friends and relatives when they come for a visit? Extra credit: what place near you is the most annoying or embarrassing to have around? - Karen
Comment from mavarin - 9/30/04 12:33 PM

Okay, NEW suggestion #1:

no bats needed for either of these pastimes.Weekend Assignment # 1xx: Invent a game. Explain the rules.

Here's my game: Blogger Photo Tag! The first person posts a photo of anything, and tags the next blogger. The person tagged has to post a photo that has something in common with the first photo. Then the second person tags a third to do the same thing. And so on. So if I were to post, say, a photo of some broken minor league baseball bats, the person I tagged could post a photo of something broken, or made of wood, or used in a sport, or associated with Louisville, or covered with tar (okay, that one's a stretch!), or something else I haven't thought of that relates somehow to my picture.

Variation: the person who did the tagging has to guess the common element between the original photo and the tagged person's photo. If he or she can't, the person tagged "wins," and gets to start a new game (if desired).

Extra Credit Suggestion:

Weekend Assignment # 1xx: What brand new hobby would you take up if you had lots of time and/or money to devote to it? An expansion of a current hobby doesn't count.

I know it sounds a little odd, and perhaps even dull, but I've always regretted that I never studied physics in school. I'd like to rectify that. While I'm at it, I wouldn't mind learning more astronomy, and maybe some archaeology.

That's it - unless I think of something better in the next day or so.



bea said...

I love your game idea, blogger photo tag... I'm ready to play. And I read your October entry, about your favorite books. It was quite informative and nostalgic. I remember reading many of those books myself. Thanks for coming by my journal today. Bea

Becky said...

I like both your assignment suggestions. As for really aren't missing much. Loads of math with complicated formulas. LOL I recommend astronomy and archaeology tho. Fun subjects. I really enjoyed Philosophy too.

Carly said...

I they are wonderful ideas. I would love to see some new games sweep the land. :)

DesLily said...

hey they are good assignments!

I like the last.. I'd love to be able to take some college classes (for adults).. most especially computer classes, art classes and creative writing classes..but can't afford it and have no transportation even if i could)