Monday, January 16, 2006

Once More, With Feeling

Today was like yesterday. More Strange Days, more Alien Nation, more reading Mages of Mâvarin, more bad food, more guilt over all the stuff I didn't get done. Oh, I worked on the synopsis a bit, but that's all.

And it's 2 AM, and I've nothing profound to say tonight anyway. I don't even have a new photo for you. Well, actually, I did take one picture, but it isn't anything much. Here it is.

But tomorrow John works, and I have the day off. That removes a major source of distraction, because when John is home, he tends to pop in a DVD. I get sucked in to watching whatever-it-is, and two or four or six hours go by. Tomorrow that won't happen. That will make it easier for me to go into the office, as I should have done today. As I told someone on Friday, I think Dr. King will forgive me for working on his holiday. At least I officially have it off, even if I can't afford to take the whole three day weekend.

I have work to do.

But first I sleep. For a full eight hours.


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Becky said...

Alien Nation...The Flash...Buffy... I swear I'm packing a DVD-R when I come to visit. ;-) And amen to the post below this one. I was reading something about the seven deadly sins and feeling VERY guilty about my personal sloth and gluttony. I need to get back to Curves and stop eating out so much. But I'm not giving up TV and movies. Maybe I should work out while watching. Get one of those machines with a TV built in? Nah. Who has room for that.