Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This is where I've been sleeping most nights since I came down with this cold. I'm down to mostly just a minor cough now, but when I first lie down I tend to cough and sniffle and hack a lot, and John says my snoring has been especially bad. So I sleep out here, until John gets up in the morning. Then I move back into the bedoom, where the alarm clock radio is. I actually sleep just as well as in bed, and John sleeps better without me to disturb him.

I've been dragging all week, not because of the couch but because I simply haven't logged enough hours of sleep, and because I'm still sick. This is bad for my concentration and productivity. So tonight I napped in bed for several hours. I got up at 9:45 PM, when John came to bed. I don't want to waste the good of that nap by staying up late now, so this won't be a long entry tonight. I'm three days behind on updating the church schedule online, so I need to get on with that, and with some bills I've been putting off.

So naturally I've been playing around with PhotoStudio tonight.

My silly fake dust jackets last night didn't look terrible, but the black and white sketches didn't quite make it against the color backgrounds. So tonight I used the spray paint tool in PhotoStudio to colorize the Heirs graphic. It's not as successful as the colorization of Rani, but I kind of like it. The hair should be more of an ash blond, and the skin should have a bit more color, but what the heck.

Yawn. On to the church blogging!



DesLily said...

you made me want to make fake covers for my stories lol... it is fun to do your own graphics lets us dream a bit harder i think.

the covers look real.. !

Becky said...

Is it time to visit the doc and get something stronger to fight your "cold"? I just read an article that said over the counter cough remedies are basically useless. Nice to know. And get some more sleep or you'll NEVER get better! Sheesh! lol