Monday, January 02, 2006

Lost Day

Well, I've had a relapse of my cold, and spent most of the day asleep. The rest of it, aside from church, I spent watching Strange Days. We never did get to see King Kong before our free ticket expired: my fault. But hey! I'm sick!

The good news is that I've been pretty good today on starting the diet. Being sick is helpful in reducing appetite!

On the writing and editing front, I'm on page 303 of editing Heirs - except that I've had to double back to fix formatting of headers and such, and to add dates. Reminder: I'm still serializing the "final final" version of the first two chapters of my first novel, over on Messages from Mâvarin.

I have a small update about the weird comments on my fiction blog. I deleted a comment from the "Dadaist Comment Spam" entry of Outpost, which is something I normally don't do. The reason is that the screen name used was a bit beyond PG. However, there was nothing risque about the comment itself. The person merely claimed to have received similar comments on his blog - random, extraneous ones, posted to older entries. I did not look at the blog in question to see whether this was true, because the blog title was really beyond the pale for Karen the Prude. So: either the random commenter hit both my G-rated blog and this other person's R-rated one, or this comment thing was a ploy by the R-rated blogger to get people to look at his blog. I'm not going to investigate it further, but last week I did turn on comment moderation on the fiction blog, for whatever good that might do.



Shelly said...

Comment moderation is very nice. Folks who really want to comment will, tho some might feel insulted and not want to bother.

However, since I've turned it on, I've gotten next to no spam comments. For what that's worth.

julie said...

I've had mixed results with turning off moderation on my two web sites. Haven't had any spam on my personal site yet, but on another site I run I got one and the notification didn't hit my inbox because the ISP had temporarily turned off spam filtering while they added new features. I think it got lost in the shuffle. Grr. It was an ad for a poker site. I hate that.

And no, I didn't get any sleep last night. Silly plot bunnies.