Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Less Than Entertaining

One of the problems with being sick, and especially with spending the day asleep due to being sick, is that it limits experience. Nothing much interesting happened at work today, because I was there less than an hour. Nothing happened when I went to lunch, because I didn't go to lunch. I didn't do anything with John. I didn't see the sunset. I slept.

The result is that I haven't had much input today to inspire me, and give me something to write about. I don't even have any interesting dreams to report, except for a quick impression of a dream in which I existed in duplicate. One of me was trying to steal a baby and the other didn't know why, or how to talk her out of it. But I don't remember any more than that.

I did see an interesting Nova about a mummy in Niagara Falls that turned out to be Rameses I, but I have no particular opinions or insight to offer on the subject. I may have been to the Niagara Falls Museum many years ago, but I don't remember any mummies.

And I have made a little more progress on the Heirs edit, with a little help from my faithful beta readers on one troublesome paragraph. I'm up to page 408 now, in Chapter 11. But I don't really have anything interesting to say about it here.

Well, tomorrow I have to work, no matter how bad I feel. It's time to take my newly-purchased Theraflu Severe Cold Formula, and sleep on the couch again so that John can sleep too.

While I wait for my nose to clear, I may start reading one of the James Burke books I got for Christmas. That will either get my brain working again, or put me to sleep. If I'm lucky, maybe it will give me something to think about, and get me started on a rant for tomorrow night.

Actually, come to think of it, I did have an idea for an entry earlier today, inspired by an entry by John Scalzi called "The Science Behind the Cute." Watch for an entry tomorrow night--I hope!--on "Why Characters Suffer."


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TJ said...

It seems to be going around...I hear that Theraflu works.
Some of us are just work horses, in sickness and in health till death do us part.
Hope you get feeling better.