Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Midnight Accountant

Although it's sometimes hard for me to find the time and motivate myself to do it, there are definite advantages to working at the Tucson HQ of Unnamed Largish company on a Sunday night:
  1. It's peaceful. There's no noise, no hubbub of people moving around and talking and answering phones. Even some of the lights are off.
  2. It's private. Well, sort of. Even on a Sunday night, there are security guards and cleaning staff, and the building has electronic surveillance. But an hour or two may go by without my actually seeing anyone. I end up feeling as though it's my personal, secret domain.
  3. I can sing along with my iPod without disturbing anyone.
  4. Nobody adds to my workload. No emails come in, asking me to do something. My boss doesn't call me into her office.
  5. There are no distractions - well, except self-generated ones.
  6. I get to park right next to the employee entrance in the main parking lot.

I've worked as late as 1:00 or 2:00 AM a time or two, but tonight I only made it to 11 PM. This is largely because I was sleepy-tired before I even went over there, and I forgot to bring my iPod to help keep me going. Once I stopped using the high speed connection to look something up, I accomplished quite a bit -but when I discovered that I'd made a serious copy and paste error in the second tab of my Q&R spreadsheet, I knew it was time to go.

Now to get to bed, so I can concentrate tomorrow!



Becky said...

Ready for a nap yet? LOL

tess said...

Always best to quit when you goof. Hopr you got some sleep!