Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome to the Outpost!

Like any outpost, this may be abandoned eventually, or it may grow into something big and lively and permanent. It all depends on whether AOL backs off from the banner ads that have sent half of AOL J-Land packing in less than a day.

Until and unless that happens, this will be my main blog / journal. Even so, Musings from Mâvarin will remain up and running and public, for at least a while. I have over 500 entries there, a decent readership and Technorati rating, and AOL on dial-up as my only online access.

Honestly, I don't even care that much about the banner ads over there. The darn things are ubiquitous anyway, so I had no great expectations about Musings remaining banner-free. What I do resent is that AOL callously disregarded the feelings and expectations of thousands of active journalers, and destroyed over two years of community-building in less than a day. I'll bet that by now, over half the VIVI nominees have at least a toe in the water on other blogging services. A dear friend has taken her three journals private so that NOBODY can read them. The same has been done by other people with other journals I read. It's a damn shame - and you know that I don't use words like "damn" likely.

Time to dip this particular toe in the water and see how cold it is. Back in a bit.


Photos on a theme:


Loss. (This is the maquette for the bear that used to sing Blood on the Saddle in the Country Bear Jamboree. But the Jamboree is no more, at least at Disneyland. It was the very last attraction Walt Disney approved at the drawing board stage - the day before he died. The attraction was originally for a resort that never got off the ground.)

Post Musings forwarding entry - check.
Add photos to this entry - check.
Claim this blog in Technorati - check.
Add link from LiveJournal - check.

Remember, people: if you're started a non-AOL blog to be your main one, please post your link! I'll add it to the sidebar. And I'd appreciate it if you would do the same for me!


Madmanadhd said...

Hey there partner care if I pop in and knock the dust off my spurs? Seems the ruckus is just starting to build over there in j-land.

Nice place you have here. Thanks for letting me know where you'll be setting up shop.

Julie Barrett said...

Hey, I'm linking you. (And killing my AOL account.)

Carly said...

Hey darlin...I am right here...as always by your side. :)

alphawoman said...

I'm having a hard time elaving a comment! lol. Anyway...I am filling up my blog line screen fast!

Chris said...

Hey there! Here I am. I'll ad a link to your journal when I figure how to work the darn thing!

Chris said...

If you find an easier way to post those pesky links, let me know! And this may be cheating, but I found a way to let people know I've posted on my new blog. I post it in my AOL journal and tell them to come see my post! That way, they're still getting alerts! Hey, if it works....!

Chris said...

I have my email set up to let me know when someone posts, but I go to my AOL journal so others will be alerted to my post there, telling them to come here. Maybe it will work. Maybe it won't. lol. I MISS IT!!