Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Meanwhile, in the World

Out in the world,
The sun still rises and sets.
Flowers have visitors.
Allocations must be made.
Dogs must be fed.
Spouses must be placated.

Out in the world,
Nobody cares
About banner ads on your blog.
Nobody cares
That J-Land is breaking up
And Blogger is confusing.

But we care.
Even if the sun sets.
Even if the dog is on the mooch.
Even if the spouse thinks
You're online too much anyway.

Just don't forget the rest:
And allocate time
To spouse and dog
And butterfly
And being out...
In the world.

Flowers still have visitors.

KFB, 11/16/05


MariesImages said...

Nice Journal, Karen, I think I know what you mean. I will try to link you later.
Have you found where there are alerts that I can get an alert from your Journal?

Carly said...


Sniff, sniff...oh crap!