Sunday, November 20, 2005

More Fiction, More Links

Well, I don't feel up to writing that independent video store entry tonight, but I do want to point out the stuff I have been working on.

The real deal!

1. Heirs of Mâvarin, Chapter One, Part Two has been posted, over on my fiction blog, Please read it - this is an excerpt from my life's work, my Mâvarin novels. Nothing else I've ever written means more to me than this book and its sequel.

2. It occured to me tonight at work that I've been lazy about the links on the sidebar here. Oh, I've been fairly consciencious about adding links for AOL-J refugees as they turned up at the Outpost, but what about bloggers and journalers on LiveJournal and elsewhere, including AOL US? For myself, I've been relying on alerts, and following links from the Musings sidebar. But that doesn't help anyone else, does it? So I've just added most of the links from Musings and from Messages. It's quite a long list now! Please note that I did not check every link to make sure it's still active. If you find one that doesn't work, or leads to an abandoned blog, please let me know, okay? Thanks!

While I was at it, I updated my links over in Messages. In the process I discovered two errors and one serious omission . I hadn't linked to Outpost yet! Oops!

Yawn. I'm either going to work on uploading some sermons now to the St. Michael's web site, or check a blog or two and go the heck to bed. Good night!



Tilly said...

By the way, I forgot to mention.

If you don't want to see the banner ads; this works for some people. Click pop-up controls and then block animated media from AOL. You then have to leave the page and go back in to see it working.


Gaboatman said...

I hope you get some good rest, Karen. I'll be back soon.

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Becky said...

Of course I've already read it...but off to read it again. LOL