Friday, November 25, 2005

None for Me, Thanks!

Husband John and I are still trying to figure out what we want for Christmas - a few individual gifts, one big present from us to us, or some combination thereof. Are we going back to Disneyland, to see Haunted Mansion Holiday before it's gone forever, and to say hello to Santa and goodbye to the pre-Jack Sparrow version of Pirates of the Caribbean? Is that enough of a Christmas expenditure, without adding non-Disney gifts? And if we go, will it be at Christmas itself, or before or after? And what happens to my Christmas cooking plans?

Even before Thanksgiving, this place was getting busy.

Or maybe, as John semi-suggested, we should get a big screen/flat screen/high-def tv and call it Christmas. We've been looking at the things for months, possibly years, and watching the prices come down.

"Do you really, really, really want it that badly?" I asked John on the way to Marie Callendar's.

"I don't know," was his honest answer. "I really really want it, but I'm not sure I really really really want it. And there's nothing wrong with the tv we have now."

With all these questions on our minds, and with John's sensible belief that we have too much "stuff" as it is, we're "really really really" not ready to shop today. We've never been interested in the post-Thanksgiving shopping ritual, anyway. We'll be going to the hardware store later for tar remover and shelf paper, John informs me; but that's not Christmas shopping. The tar remover is for the top of the dryer, and the shelf paper is for under the sink, where the mice have been.

I feel a little weird about all those sales I saw advertised for this morning, maybe even a tad guilty that I'm not maximizing my savings. But it's not savings if I don't really need to buy these things at all. So until John and I figure it out, the rest of you will just have to support the retail portion of the economy with little or no help from the Blochers. You don't mind, do you?



jennifer said...

LOL Shelf paper would be my husband's idea of a stocking stuffer.

I wouldn't have gone out there today if they were giving stuff away.

Globetrotter said...

My hubby and I have a rule of thumb. We buy when we want. That's it. It can be April 23rd or October 14th or whatever. If we want something we buy it when we want it and we vehemently avoid shopping during the holiday season for reasons of being ripped off. The hubby wanted a big screen TV last Christmas. He waited until right after Super Bowl and got a fabulous deal on one. He , like your husband, had a TV that worked fine. Just thought he wanted a bigger screen eventually, but was in no rush. As far as Disneyworld... I went back this year with my grown kids and it just wasn't the same. Every time I've returned to a place that I've already visited , it's always a huge disappointment. Guess that's why I call myself a gypsy...or a globetrotter.

Good luck with your decisions:)

MariesImages said...

First time we went to Disneyworld with the kids, my oldest 2 were 4 & 6.
The place was amazing, everything was so clean & perfect. In 2002 we went back & this time I was minus a husband & had an extra kid. Although it was not the same as I did remember, it was still amazing...we went down during Thanksgiving vacation & everything was decorated for Xmas. It was beautiful! That was my only vacation....

julie said...

I've been to Disneyland twice. The first time was right after I'd graduated from high school. The second time we took Chris when he was four. That was just a month after the Northridge quake, and even Disneyland was practically deserted. I felt sorry for the employees there - the tram driver said they were actually thinking of closing the park on Sundays temporarily because of the lack of people. Still, it was a great time to take a four year-old as the lines were short.

One thing I can say about Disneyland is that it still has the same ownership. I grew up literally down the road from Six Flags over Texas, the first in the theme park chain. We've watched it grow from a family park to a corporate wasteland that caters to teenagers whose parents have deep pockets. The place is a joke.

Laura said...

oh the sacrifce!
I am willing to fall on the sword for you!

Madmanadhd said...

With moving looming on the horizon and no real hope of getting much for moving expenses we've nixed exchanging gifts. We are going to D.C. for 6 days on December 5 for a national conference I'm presenting at so we are calling that Christmas and spend our "gift money" (HA HA!) on a night or two eating in a restaurant and maybe seeing an event at the Kennedy. Ahhh that would be bliss. We'll see how the budget holds.

Time for grading. Toodles love.


Becky said...

plasma HDTV...mmmm.... Hey, we can dream. But I know what you mean about feeling weird NOT taking advantage of those black Friday sales. I felt a little guilty. I think I could have saved some money on Tyler's Christmas gifts. But eh. I bought them all online anyway. LOL I DID go to Linens n Things (of all places) on black Friday to pick up his birthday gift. They had a limited quantity of Cadillac Escalade power wheels cars on sale. It was crowded and they had 3 left by the time I got there. Not too bad. My mom found a sales guy to help us load the monstrosity into the van. I had to tie down the lift gate in back. That box was HUGE!!! Ty is going to flip. I hope I can catch his expressions with the cam next Friday. Going to Disney for Christmas sounds like such a great idea. I'm soooo tempted. I'm sick of both side of this extended family. Grr.