Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Two Quick Things...

...before I dash back to work:

1. Sign the petition:

2. Patrick has a clearinghouse for forwarding links:

I have an interesting idea. I'll tell you about it tonight!


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Shelly said...

Personally, I think petitions do no good, especially not in situations like these. AOL needs to improve the bottom line and ads are the way they've chosen. They've made AOL a portal to compete with Yahoo.

I figure folks either will chose to stay on AOL and put up with all the crap or they'll decide to leave. I've already shut half my AOL names and created 2 on hubby's account. As soon as I finish moving favs and addies over to other places, we're cancelling my account.

And I've been blogging on Blogger and LiveJournal nearly as long as on AOL. And for community, LJ is hard to beat. I don't care anymore what AOL does with J-land blogs. The ads were just one more thing, starting with the deterioration of the writers boards that have sucked the joy from the AOL experience for me. Even if they decide to remove the ads or allow folks to opt out, doesn't mean there won't be something else sooner or later that will upset people and show a lack of care for paying members.