Sunday, November 20, 2005

Apparently I've won an award.

My email these days is pretty interesting. I get emailed comments from this blog, and AOL Alerts for people who are still posting on the AOL-J client. I also get individual notes from people: asking questions, highlighting something they've written, responding to something I've written, and/or sending out notices about where they're blogging now, today (which may not be the same place as yesterday). It all comes down to one thing: trying to stay in touch, and to reconnect amid the chaos. Hooray for that - it helps a lot, all this communication, this ongoing conversation about who and where we all are, and what makes the most sense to us at this particular moment.

But one email I got today attempted to make a slightly different kind of connection:

hi karen,

I want to award you with the great content award. Please visit your own award page at

Cuong Truong
Chicago Animation - Flash Web Design

Posted by Chicago FLASH web site design to Outpost Mâvarin at 11/20/2005 10:46:06 AM

As you can see, this was done as a comment to my posting from late last night. I went to the flash-awards page, and I really am featured there, at least for the moment.

Now, I can't say I take all this too seriously. I'm sure that the main purpose is to make a connection, to hand out awards so that people will visit the Chicago Animation web site and purchase its flash animation services. But it makes me smile anyway, and I'm not opposed to Truong's service, or the means of promoting it. At least it's not a a banner ad, posted directly to my blog!

Of course, if it turns out that every blogger I know got this award today, then I'll delete it as comment spam. ;)



alphawoman said...

Congrats! Don't be so harsh on yourself. Your jnl on AOl and Blogger is terrific!

MariesImages said...

Congratulations on your award!!
I wanted to thank you for helping me out with posting the links on my Journal.
I WAS able to do it & have completed the new link additions. Will add more as I go along.
THANK YOU, Karen!!!!

Laura said...

still, it is nice to be recognized. Celebrate! You deserve it.

Becky said...

Neat! And reading the text on the awards sure sounds like they actually READ your blog. ;-)

Maryanne said...

Congratulations Karen! Your blog is always filled with great content and diversity of topic!Now let's see if I can shed my anonymous status. I am trying something else...

Maryanne said...

Oh look at that! Doing the happy dance! I'm real again! Heehee!I'm real! I'm real!

Madmanadhd said...

Hey I got that award too!... Yeah really... well I mean NOT for my blog actually... just mostly... well for ... I mean for being ME!!! People are always saying I'm so darn animated... and "Michael PLEASE stand still for 5 minutes I'm getting seasick."

OK... OK.. I'm just being a nut. Congrats on your award. Your writing and animations realy are superb! DOING A HAPPY DANCE HERE ...ok, ok so it MAY look like I just haveta pee, but it REALLY is a hapy dance. FOr you dear friend.
Shall I go now?
Respectfully yours.