Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sleepytime Tips

I was going to do a second entry tonight, with more blogging tips and a hilarious essay (which I haven't written) about the Vivi awards jpg I tried to make myself before Patrick sent me the real one, presumably designed by Gregg. But it's after 3 AM, so I'm doing the short version:

Shelly has a nice page of blogging resources. Check it out!


One tip in particular that Shelly mentioned to me tonight is that you should save your Blogger template in WordPad (or, as I do, with Netscape Composer) before experimenting on it. That way, if it all goes terribly wrong, you can paste it back into the Edit Your Template screen, and get things back the way they were. If you email the template to yourself, then it's available to you wherever you are, at least in the short term.

Alternatively, you can experiment in a "test blog," not meant for public viewing, and copy that into your real blog when you're happy with it.

Here are those Vivi graphics, with very little of the humorous commentary I'd hoped for:

So, are you reading my award-winning fiction?
The real graphic

Oh, that.
My lame attempt.

bigger, not better.

Bigger, but not better. I couldn't fit in the Co- part.

Thanks for the graphic, guys!


Oh, and I was going to make a few random observations about The Beatles:

1. An iPod playing The Beatles is the single best tool I've found for getting me through a lot of data entry when I'm really tired. That and Diet Mountain Dew, Code Red. I went through all the Beatles stuff on my iPod last night and today, twice. So tonight I added Help! and the White Album.

2. I find it almost impossible to be depressed while listening Beatles music. That was not an issue today, but it sometimes is. I get by with a little help from JPG & R!

Good night!



Anonymous said...

Ditto on that #2!


Shelly said...

Just thought I'd add that sending email to yourself doesn't have to be temporary. AOL allows you to save on AOL and gmail lets you save mail, too, with more than 2 plus gig of space and counting. All my templates are now archived in a backup files folder on gmail and I send myself the latest version, with the name and date in the subject line.

V said...

Woo Hoo!
Good goin` Karen!!