Monday, November 28, 2005

The Letter G - Again!

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Snap a picture of something beginning with the letter "G." Because I don't think the letter "G" gets nearly as much attention as it should.

Hey, John S., did you know that I just wrote a letter G-themed entry five days ago? Those were all intangible G-words, though. This time it's all concrete objects (well, tangible, anyway). I didn't even resort to terms that start with the word Green!

Garlic and Ground Ginger

Games, including
Game of the States and
Go to the Head of the Class

Gelatin (or Gelatin Dessert)
(look past brand names)

(who may or may not be half human
on his mother's side)

Garen Gunk Glocher? No, that's going too far.

(back later with another entry)


Carly said...


Hugs darlin!

sarah said...

Just when I thought I knew everything about The Beatles, I don't.

What is the object of the "Flip your Wig game"?

robin said...

Great G's!!!!