Thursday, September 04, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Those Wacky Candidates!

For Weekend Assignment #231: Candidates With a Difference, I asked to read about the most unusual political candidate you have ever supported, either seriously or in jest. The results have been tabulated:

Julie said...

Before I was old enough to vote I was a proud supporter of Alfred E. Neuman. What? Me worry?

Kiva said...

What a perfect pair and what a great odd party. When someone asked me for whom I was voting, I could proudly say the GOP -- the Beak & Saliva candidates. This would then cause the inquirer to open his/her mouth, close it, look at me oddly and either walk away or just say, "oh" and change the topic.

Carly said...

I was once really intrigued by an episode of Maude I saw as a child were Maude, sick to death with politics as usual, decided to launch a one woman campaign to get Henry Fonda elected to the presidency. Mr. Fonda declined to run, but the thought stuck in my mind that politicians weren't a different species.

Sarah said...

I've definitely supported candidates whom some people around me thought were real weirdos, especially on the local (i.e., City Council) level, but I just thought they were right. And courageous enough to stand for their real principles. Go weirdos!

Florinda said...

You'd think that Mayor would be a step or two down from Prince, but that doesn't seem to bother Mongo, a native of the planet Zambodia who claims to be over 330 years old - and doesn't look bad for his age, if I may so - and has been here on a long-term mission to save Earthlings. Meanwhile, he keeps busy with his conceptual art, his nightclubs and property - this alien seems to do pretty well with the local currency - and getting his name on the ballot for whatever election is coming up next. He always manages to get a few votes, too. (In full disclosure, none of those votes were ever mine.)

What a fun selection of candidates!

And I never got around to doing my own Extra Credit last week, about people I regretted voting for. Actually, I did write about regretting my votes for McCain as Senator, but decided that was churlish of me and deleted that bit the next morning. In retrospect I probably should have left it there.

I don't think there's anyone else I actually regreted voting for, except maybe in a fan club. But remind me to tell you about the time I myself was going to be impeached.

The new Weekend Assignment will be up shortly.


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