Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dogs on the Bed, Look Out!

"Pigeons on the Grass, alas." -- Gertrude Stein

"It is neither just nor accurate to connect the word alas with pigeons. Pigeons are definitely not alas. … With a horse or a cow or a dog it would be different. ... I should not have minded if Miss Stein had written: dogs on the grass, look out, dogs on the grass, look out, look out, dogs on the grass, look out Alice."
--James Thurber, from "There's an Owl in My Room"

Dogs on the grass would be fine, if I could get them there. For some reason, Cayenne doesn't want to go into the yard while I'm watching. But dogs on the bed, look out!

The dog training book I bought a few weeks ago says not to allow dogs onto couches or furniture, but John and I rebelled. "But I like having dogs on the bed," John said, and I agreed.

Still, there are consequences. Cayenne likes to take over the bed, roll around to get attention, show off, demand petting...

or try to get Pepper riled up. Pepper likes to lie on the bed and bite or scratch herself.

And both of them want to make nests out of bedclothes. We've caught Cayenne chewing on an old blanket, and Pepper ripped a hole in the newly-laundered bottom sheet. Sometimes, they're apparently trying to get safe or comfortable, but we suspect they're also looking for buried treasure in the form of rawhide or dog biscuits. Such behavior is destructive and not at all restful, but they look so cute doing it!

Still, I have to wonder sometimes why they do these things, and how to get them under control!


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