Friday, September 12, 2008

Just the Dogs Being Cute

Oops! I almost forgot Feline and Furball Friday - again!

They compete over everything - even the doggie door.

As time goes on, Pepper is somewhat less afraid of Cayenne in competitive situations, but she still will hold back sometimes, letting Cayenne go first or waiting to see what Cayenne will do. Other times, not so much.

Time for a scratch!


Watch it!

More and more, Pepper is willing to play with Cayenne. Of course, this usually takes place on the bad when we're trying to settle down for sleep, but I still count it as a good thing.

Waiting for something to happen.

They both still follow me around constantly, but I'm pleased to see they've been spending more time with John recently. John was the only one who fed them until a few days ago, when he finally insisted that I take over the doggy dinner. Well, that's only fair!

Whenever the camera comes out, treats follow! Yay!

The dogs have done their bit for the week, so it's time for me to wrap this up and get on with job-hunting activities. Check out Steven's (sometimes)photoblog for the full complement of felines, furballs and (possibly) feathers!



Steven said...

Awwww - They are a hoot! Comments should go through as I've posted a new feline and furball friday. It's the links in comments as wordpress thinks they are spam. I do release the non spam comments - just not as you make them :-)

barrettmanor said...

I like the "traffic jam" picture.

I had two cats trying to be in the same place tonight, but no camera handy. Oh, well.