Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Online Gadgetry

Some of my current Firefox add-ons.

For Weekend Assignment #233: (Virtual) New Toys I asked whether there were any new online toys, gadgets, widgets or gizmos that you've found particularly useful or entertaining. Our response this week was a bit light, but highly informative:

Julie said...

Like Karen, I've tried Twitpic. Kinda cute. Possibly useful. I'm also using a new app called Twhirl, that lets me see my Twitter and FriendFeed feeds on my second display.

Florinda said...

I'm not really an "early adopter" when it comes to new tech stuff, but as far the online world is concerned, I'm willing to give something a whirl if it won't cost me anything and it doesn't require knowledge of coding, so I look for tip-offs on what's new out there. My source of information for new features in the tech products I use most is usually Lifehacker; I'm not sure how many truly essential blogs exist, but this is one of them, if you ask me. In addition, since most of my online life belongs to Google in one way or another, I've found the blog Google Operating System is an excellent independent resource for just about everything Google-y.

(Florinda has a bunch of great tips, actually - take a look!)

Mike said...

Okay, online things. Hmm, I do play around on Twitter, though I am mostly a follower. (That sounds so stalker-ish, I know). I have a account now, though I got that for my Ipod Touch and it doesn't seem to be working after the last software update. I have a Flickr account that I will post pictures on occasionally. That is about all that is exciting. The rest of the stuff I have is pretty standard, Google Reader,, e-mail.

Thanks, folks! I know I'll be checking some things out that you mentioned. Meanwhile, I'm tracking something called Widgetbox, which I was invited to by email but haven't tried yet. (It has you classify your blog in one of their "Channels" - e.g. Art, Music, Pets, Women - and so far there's nothing that fits a blog as diverse as this one.) And I've finally dumped FeedBlitz from my sidebar. It was a good idea at the time, but there are so many better alternatives now that everyone has long since unsubscribed from the Outpost on FeedBlitz anyway. Their front page makes it sound still vital and widely-used, even though it's not doing this particular blog any good. If you still find it useful, go for it.

The new Weekend Assignment will follow in an hour or two.


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