Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Good Things

For last week's Weekend Assignment #234: It's a Good Thing, I asked you to tell me one good thing about the area where you live. Those of you who found something good to say are as follows:

Florinda said...

Another reason I say "the LA area" is that I live outside of LA proper; I don't even live in LA County. (I think the LA Moms Blog is stretching their boundaries by letting me play with them - lucky me!) But that's one of the best things about my Ventura County suburb - location, location, location.

Mike said...

We have great restaurants here. We have a Rosebud, Shaw's Crab House, Morton's Steakhouse, Benihana, Texas de Brazil, and we have a Ruth's Criss steakhouse opening up one town over. Isn't that a great list of places to eat? I even left off Olive Garden! So you see, we have just as many over-priced restaurants as the city. Why spend even more on gas?

Kiva said...

Sheesh, just one good thing? The best part of the area that I live is that I can walk to variety of places. I moved to this area over 25 years ago. Living out in the country like Robin or Vicki does is an idealist dream of mine, but I know in reality I would flee from my cottage every chance I get to the closest populated area. I need people to chat with. I would berift without In-N-Out Burger, Trader Joe's, and Target close by.

Sarah said in comments...

How did it get to be Thursday already? I fully intended to complete this assignment but the week got away from me. Shucks (I did blog this week, though, just not in response to this).

One boast I have to make after reading Mike's post and the comments: here in the Bay Area, we have TWO Ikeas.


what I may have failed to mention is that I've never been inside either one of them. ;)

The new Weekend Assignment is imminent!


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