Saturday, September 06, 2008

Round Robin: A Dog Blogger's Dirty Desk!

For the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge, Martha of Perception has suggested "Blog Spot", as in the location where you blog. Okay, but I think I'd better do a bit of cleaning first!

Empty soda cans, books and the inevitable tangle of cords,

more books I look things up in and don't put away,

and mostly dog-related papers...yeah, it's a mess!

This desk isn't going to be immaculate any time soon, but since the shots above were taken I've recycled my empties, brushed away the crumbs, and organized the books a bit. It does look better!

Paperbacks stacked, check. Snoopy on display, check!

Papers stashed, new Writer's Market ready for markup.

My frequent visitors say hello. (Got any food?)

Now, it should surprise no one that my dogs spend a lot of time in this office, whether I'm blogging, eating, editing or whatever. Cayenne is mostly looking for attention and reassurance, and secondarily(?) food. When she's not in the room, she's usually just outside my office door, watching for flies and other trouble to get into, and making sure she knows where I am at all times.

Pepper in her usual place.

Pepper likes to hang out with me all night, while mostly ignoring me. She's just out of sight to the left of my desk. If I stand up, she gets up and goes into the next room, expecting me to follow.

Cayenne is not overly excited about a semi-clean desk.

It has come to my attention that the cat owners among you frequently have a cat on your desk. I did consider contrasting this with life with a dog, by lifting Cayenne onto the desk for a quick picture; but that way madness lies, not to mention a mess! So aside from Snoopy, and the little plush dog on the Writer's Market, I settled for putting Cayenne on my chair instead.

Cayenne checks out that computer Karen keeps staring at.

She was not terribly pleased, nor terribly desperate to get down again.

But it turns out that by tomorrow night, I could have two dogs on this desk if I care to clear a little space for them. Noodle's ashes have been across the room on my built-in bookcase for years. And tonight I picked up a bunch of messages off of the land line, including one from Tuffy's oncologist's clinic. Tuffy's ashes are waiting for us there, and can be picked up any time.

Tomorrow: a late/early entry for Feline and Furball Friday: "Dogs on the Bed, We Said." (My previous dog-oriented entry is here, in case anyone cares.)

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Wammy said...

Iit is nice to see that someone else has visitor to the blog spot. Love the dogs.

TJ said...

I am laughing...this is over the top. Visitors and all.
Busy girl's blog spot chucked full of information resourses and love.
{{{ Hugs }}}

Gattina said...

Usually I don't see a mess, but here I have to admit it was not possible, lol ! Your blogspot is very cosy especially with the dogs around. I have my cats who keep me company !

Carly said...

I love the look on Cayenne's face, which seems to say, "What? I didn't do anything!" And to make it all the more humorous, Pepper is just to the side, with what seems like a wee smirk! You have a couple of comedians there!

Martha said...

Love your photos, hope your chair doesn't get taken over now that Cayenne tried it out!

Jama said...

it look so cosy, especially for the dogs! :p

Kiva said...

What is a blog spot without a dog or a cat? I like having dogs. My late cat used to jump up and write things in my blog when I wasn't looking. You really didn't need to clean up for us...