Thursday, February 07, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Menu Reruns

Free chicken lunch, day two. Not very good, but it's free.

Last week I asked what meal you would let a tv chef serve you for a whole week for $500. Our intrepid food-repeaters replied:

Laura: "Considering I am attempting to recover from a two week bout with bronchitis and strep throat, I feel I can honestly answer that I would eat chicken soup for a week."

Saqib: "If I had to exist on one type of food for a whole week, I would want something that meets the four basic food groups. "

Mike: "The best answer for me is pizza. That should be easy, right? The host could make a stuffed pizza one day, ultra-thin crust another day, and mix up the toppings everyday."

Becky: "I am always up for a good steak dinner, and there are certainly many ways to prepare beef."

Duane: "From steaks to hamburgers, you'd have enough of a variety to keep from getting tired of it."

Florinda: "I'll ask the chef for pasta - multigrain, please, just to rein in the carbs a little - with chicken."

Carly: I would have that make believe cooking show host be demonstrating the wonders of the diabetic friendly pizza, and I would be more then happy to help them out."

Amanda: "I do that with stew and chili a lot also - I can eat either every night for a week easily." (But check out her main choice!)

Kiva: "The entree would be tuna or ahi, as the fancy restaurants call it. I don't care how it's fixed as long as it's rare." Extra points to Kiva for her menu graphic.

Interesting. We've got several votes for beef, two for pizza, several salads and a few kinds of seafood. Sounds like a good menu to me! Beats the heck out of the chicken I've had twice this week already, and will probably have again tomorrow. But it's free, and I can get it, eat at my desk and only take 15 minutes for lunch. The alternative is a half mile walk to my car, driving somewhere, rushing back, reparking and walking the half mile back. Good exercise, but I just don't have the time this week.

The next topic will be posted shortly. Thanks, folks, for the froody foodie ideas! (Yes, I'll stop now.)


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