Saturday, February 23, 2008


I had two possibilities in mind for tonight's entry - well, three, actually, but the third probably represents many hours of work, so it was never likely to happen tonight. The other two:

1. I could finally get around to writing properly about Gallifrey One, or at least part of it.

2. I could post Round Robin leftovers, the pictures of boots that I omitted because I had too many shots to use and because I chose to be extra-literal in my definition of the word shoes.

Then I dawdled, and followed my incoming email, and decided to watch some Doctor Who, and it got to be after 1 AM. Boots it is, then!

A female "Captain John" struts on stage at Gallifrey One.

Barbie's 1968 friend, Talking Stacy. She's English.

I guess I haven't changed this doll's clothes in a few years, because it's wearing the same outfit, boots and all, in both this 2004 blog entry and this 2005 one.

Tutti, wearing the boots from the "Puddle Jumpers" outfit.

Black Rose Kate's boots, which don't fit me. Explain that away, hmm?

I should mention that Black Rose Kate is a time traveling pirate who occasionally visits this blog and comments on modern life. I first wrote about her on Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2005, and she turned up at my doorstep, literally, that Halloween. She doesn't like it when I call her fictional, so I won't. Her adventures and commentaries are collected on one of my other blogs (follow the link).

As for my own boots, I do have a pair of grey cowboy boots...somewhere. They've always been at least mildly painful to wear, and I wouldn't even try to put them on now. But in looking for them for photographic purposes, I accidentally came across these in one of the hall closets:

No, I don't know where the other black-and-blue boot is. That pair was mine, and the much nicer all black "moon boots" were John's. We bought them circa 1982 at Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, PA, outside Pittburgh, after a record show. See, the only way we managed to keep open the doors of our record store, Rockarama, for about three years was by packing up the best of our imports, used records, buttons, stickers, etc. and taking them to record shows on the weekends. Our most frequent destinations were Pittsburgh (Monroeville), Cleveland, Cincinnati (Covington KY), and Detroit (various suburbs). We made the drive from Columbus to somewhere nearly every weekend, in a 1964(?) Ford Falcon van with a leaky transmission and no heat to speak of. Rust had put a big hole in the van right at my feet, where the cold winter air blew in and froze us both. That particular weekend it was something like 10 degrees with blowing snow, so we fought the cold by buying ourselves some boots. I wanted moon boots like John's, but they didn't have any left in my size, so I settled for the blue-black ones. And yes, they made for a much warmer trip home.

Not much use in Tucson, though. Especially if I only have one of them!



Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Love the Barbie shoes. How long did you live in Columbus? I lived in Marysville for long time, Columbus was out "trip off the farm" when I was growing up. There was McDonalds on Olentangy River Dr that was just the most exciting thing for us back then. OK, back to the shoes. My daughter has a pair of boots like those Black Rose Kate's. I thought they looked so uncomfortable! Great pictures, great post.

MyMaracas said...

Oh, I love the effect in that first shot! Boots in motion. Too cool.


lisa marie said...

How sweet you are to make a separate post for boots! I like the big yellow barbie boots!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

John already lived in Columbus, OH when we got married in May, 1979, and so of course I moved there after the wedding. We left at the end of January, 1986 and wandered around the country for a while, as I mention in another recent entry. Was that McDonald's on Olentangy near the Red Roof Inn? I can't remember now. I actually worked at the one on High Street for a while. Trust me, it wasn't my Best Job Ever!

Kate's boots aren't actually very uncomfortable at all, if and when they fit!